Huawei Android Phone Will Be Showcased In February


When asked what defines the month of February you’re likely to get one of two answers. Either (1) Valentines Day, the holiday invented by Hallmark to ensure I’m sucked dry of all of my savings to prove that I actually love my girlfriend/fiance/wife/etc.. or (2) The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where awesome new handsets are usually launched.

While both are true, its the Mobile World Congress that everyone here will enjoy and this year especially: Huawei has announced that they will showcase their first Android phone at the event!

According to Register Hardware, who said the press release “annoyingly vague”, Sony Ericsson and ASUS are expected to announce their phones at the event with HTC as an added possibility. Based on CES I wouldn’t assume anything.

Better to NOT get your hopes up and then be pleasantly surprised.

Rob Jackson
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  1. at what point will all of this stop?
    Rumors and out right lies!
    What I shame. and who cares at this point.

    Just crying wolf.

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