Dec 15th, 2008

It was only a couple hours ago that we spotted Google’s brand new sports application, aptly named Scoreboard, and did a quick overview of the application. Well, after doing some followup with Google, we’ve got some more juicy details.

A Google Staffer (Thanks Linda) was nice enough to score us some screenshots of Scoreboard in action. Take a look while you’re waiting for our video review tomorrow. Oh, and soccer fans will be especially happy about the “secret code” we got our hands on.

Here are 3 simple steps to unlocking 13 beta soccer leagues on your Scoreboard App!

  1. Open the Scoreboard application Home Screen
  2. Open the keyboard and type “” without the quotes and WITH the period
  3. You’ll see a message, indicating the unlock was successful and all you need to do is power your phone down, turn it back on and all the new leagues will be revealed when you relaunch the Scoreboard App!

And thos screen shots we promised:

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