iPhone Fanboy Loves Android, Doesn’t Realize It


An article on BoingBoing Gadgets today by Joel Johnson made me sigh in total disbelief. Titled “App Store, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down“, the first paragraph shows a diabolical love/hate relationship with the iPhone that illustrates why he should get a divorce with his fling and begin his lifelong romance with Android.

He starts off with:

I am convinced that within the next two or three years, Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch will become the dominant smartphone and PDA.

But in the very next sentence he un-convinces himself with ease:

Sadly, the mobile computing platform that will push smartphones fully into the mainstream, a full-featured computer in everyone’s pocket, will remain broken if Apple does not allow third-party applications to be installed without permission or vetting from Apple.

He provides the latest example as an iPhone App that sat in queue for 31 days and then was redirected because it used a look/feel that replicated CoverFlow. Wow, that is truly pitiful. Apple should only accept ugly applications, since every half decent app UI would HAVE to be copying them and infringing on their proprietary info. Give me a break.

He then states quite plainly and obviously that, “The App Store approval process isn’t working,” and continues on with some specific as to why Apple’s entire Application system is detrimental to its users. Yet his article ends with the question, “So what do we do?” and not ONCE in the article is Android mentioned.

To phandroid readers (and those whose iEgos don’t get in the way) the answer seems obvious. Am I missing something here?

UPDATE: diving into the comments reveals some more nice tidbits:

  • The first commenter makes the obvious connection to Android. Duh! Thanks… why could the author not do this?
  • Author responds with 2 paragraphs full of, “meh”
  • The first commenter, an iPhone owner himself, admits that Android is, “not ready for primetime yet…” but continues, “:There’s a reason I have an iPhone and not a G1, I just think the Android model is poised to take off. Android might be half-baked, but it didn’t take them long to bake it and it’s still a respectable OS comapred to, say, WinMo or BB OS. The beautiful thing is OS isn’t at the whim of the company to make it as comprehensive as an iPhone. Other people will improve it.”

And thus is one of the many reasons that I believe Android, in the long run, will easily surge pass Apple’s iPhone. How the author couldn’t at least make this connection ore mention Android at ALL in an article that, put simply, describes why Android has so much potential was just kind of shocking to me.

[Via BoingBoing Gadgets]

Rob Jackson
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  1. DeNial ain’t just a river.

    Apple fanboys need everything spoonfed to them from Daddy Jobs while Android is starting to walk now on its OWN and then it will RUN past the iPhone.

    ,Michael Martin

  2. I think the author really just wants apple to get it’s shit together…. :heh:

  3. Well this explains one of the reasons I try to stay away from any apple products.

  4. i mean from the people i have compared my g1 to their iphone….its a look of disgust like i would have bought this phone:

    for the keyboard, upcoming virtual keyboard, and oh yea FLASH they hate that one…

    plus they have problems with the phone lagging up and closing out of applications…

    so Android id say will step all over the iphone as time comes…. plus imagine the app developers for the iphone can make much better apps even paid apps because there are less restrictions and more oppurtunites for money

  5. does not make a difference!!! There are still more apple iphone users than Andriod could dream off at this point. Android needs to get itself on a better HW or it will continue to lack followers.

    The iPhone is like the gift that keeps giving. There is always something new. Over 10000 apps. Ok… android is open… how many apps do we have so far…
    Yea… It is relatively new. Same can be said of iPhone. It is new compared to Blackberries.
    The G1 is a floored design. That’s the issue.

    Young kids with iphone will buy anything you place on an app market. G1 needs more followers.

  6. I think Android will hit its stride once Nokia, SE, Moto, and other hardware vendors release Android phones and suddenly we have all these competing second-generation models to choose from and prices fall and everyone can find an Android model that suits their needs. And meanwhile Apple will release their single annual new iPhone model which you better love because there won’t be any choice if you don’t.

  7. The android market will continue to grow and will probably have half as many apps as the iphone app store does by the end of 2010 but it will continue to grow and eventually beat it :D

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