Sony Ericsson, HTC Androids Set For Summer 2009


With yesterday’s announcement that Sony Ericsson (and 13 others) joined the Open Handset Alliance, it was obvious they would be working on an Android Phone for 2009 release. We have learned that the first Sony Ericsson Android Phone will be a high-end handset tentatively set for the summer of 2009.

This news comes from a Swedish article on IDG.se that makes these two important points after translation to English:

  • We expect initially to focus on products in the higher segment, but later on we will also supplement with products for the broad mass market, “said Sony Ericsson’s spokesman, Garfield Brusewitz.
  • The first Androidtelefonerna from Sony Ericsson is expected to show up for the summer.

At least now we know how long we have to wait and hopefully Sony Ericsson can stay on track. Phandroids are craving more Androids!

As if that wasn’t enough, the news out of HTC – makers of the T-Mobile G1 among other amazingly hot handsets – seems it will ALSO have offerings in the summer of 2009!

Another Danish news source, Business.dk, talks about how the first Android Phones will hit Denmark in 2009. But after translation to English, check out some of these crazy comments from an HTC exec Peter Frølund:

  • Yes, we come with one or more Android-products by the summer of 2009…
  • “I can say that we are working with a portfolio of models, and, yes, the ambition is that the phone comes with a Danish software,”

Products? PORTFOLIO? Oh wow although we don’t know exactly what this means it sounds big. If they are working with a portfolio of products that certainly sounds like they’ll have the OPPORTUNITY to push out more than 1 or 2 Android Phones. ONE of these is likely the T-Mobile G1 with localized OS for the Danish language, you could guess/assume. But it sounds like HTC has more than just another G1 in the works.

Save up those vacation days if they carry over fiscal/calendar years and get ready to block off your entire Summer of 2009. It sounds like its shaping up to be the Summer of Android. Don’t worry… we’ll do our best to bring you the low down on the show down well before then!

[Thanks Stefan!]

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  1. Although this sounds great, I wouldn’t get too hyped about one word that sounds big after an automatic translation.. Maybe some Danish readers can translate this a bit better?

    I’d love to see an Xperia X1 with Android and a capacitive touch screen though. I’d buy that, no questions asked.

  2. Regardless of the EXACT translation its pretty obvious that SE and HTC will both have phones coming out in Summer of 2009. Sony Ericsson will obviously be something brand new and while HTC could merely be a Danish version of the G1, they at least have other options on the table.

  3. I understand both Danish and Swedish fairly good, and Rob’s automated translated is entirely correct.

  4. Ehm. “Translation”….

  5. Omg! Goodbye HTC and hello sony handset!!

  6. I have never had a problem with any Sony products. I have a Sony Ericsson w380, a 3 year old Cybershot, a PS3, and had a Vaio notebook for a long time (that I eventually had to sell for financial reasons). If this handset is of the same or similar quality, I’ll be first in line to pick one up (but I should probably start saving now).

  7. I love the design of the Xperia X1, which was manufactured by HTC by the way, but I am a bit iffy with the ever-aging Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.

    Sony Ericsson’s Panel interface is a step in the right direction, but having Android as the OS and putting the Panel UI on top of that will make the X1 absolutely golden. =)

  8. Windows Mobile is the only reason I WON’T be buying an X1. That thing looks HOT, but WinMo is a deal-breaker.

    Bring on the Androids.

  9. It’s great that sony is creating an android phone(maybe something like the G1).But sony’s main focus is ur music experience on ur phone. Chances are half the other stuff aren’t gonna work as good as any other android phone.

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