Dataviz Bringing Microsoft Office To Android In 2009


If you’re a business customer playing the waiting game on Android and the G1, hoping that support for Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs will come to the rescue, you’re in luck. Dataviz has officially announced that they’ll bring those technologies to Android phones with a Market Application version of their “Documents To Go”!

This is great news not only for business customers but… everybody really. Right now there are a few big holes in the Android Application line up but this goes to show that developers are out there working hard to plug them up. I’m sure everyone from soccer moms manageing the snack schedule to college students working on homework assignment in-transit will appreciate Dataviz’s work here.

The company will also offer its Push Email solution dubbed RoadSync. As first movers in this market opportunity, Dataviz is doing themselves a huge favor in fulfilling a humongous need. Lack of Office support and push email is among the biggest complaints of Android. Supporters of the OS have noted that those areas are prime for 3rd party solutions and now it seems we have at least one knight in shining armor.

The fact that Dataviz is announcing a 2009 release is no coincidence – in January the Android Market will begin offering paid applications. Dataviz offers these same software packages on BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and (soon) iPhone platforms for prices ranging from $29.99 and $79.99 (it appears at first glance). Depending on the price, the Dataviz solution seems like it could be more than worth it.

Hit up the Dataviz Homepage and select Android from the drop down list on the right and they’ll notify you as soon as one or both of these apps become available… your choice of course:

Or, for those who like to keep their inboxes as e-mail free as possible, you can be pretty sure we’ll be reporting when these apps hit the Market and reviewing them shortly after. Stay tuned!

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