Facebook App Hits Android Market (3rd Party)


A few short weeks ago we were told not to hold our breath for a Facebook application on Android. In fact, Facebook execs themselves were heard calling Android “vaporware” and saying things like, “Android sucks, it doesn’t matter.” The more official explanation from facebook was they would rely on 3rd party developers to make Facebook apps on Android.

That time has come: fBook is the first Facebook Application on the Android Market and it was developed not by Facebook, but by Next Mobile Web. It describes fBook as “a wrapper that optimizes and fixes the Facebook iPhone web app for your Android phone.”

The description of the application as a “wrapper” is well put… many people said it was the same as m.facebook.com save for a few small additions like picture uploading and push capabilities. The ability to make your phone ringt/vibrate when you’ve received messages or status updates, checking automatically at 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals, is a nice touch.

That touch by the way… the one that notifies you at whatever interval with whatever method you choose even when the application is running only in the background… is unique to Android. Oh how right you are Facebook – Android really sucks. That feature isn’t cool, useful or helpful at all!

Many initial users complained that the application signed them out too often to enjoy it while others experienced no problem at all. But if you ask us, we give nothing but love to Next Mobile Web for initially filling the Facebook void left empty, purposefully, by Facebook themselves.

The iPhone and BlackBerry both have native Facebook Mobile Application that were developed with complete or partial assistance from Facebook themselves. But Microsoft is a Facebook partner whereas Google supports MySpace. And so the walled garden somehow, someway, finds a new way onto the Open Source mobile platform.

Unless an Android App gets some Facebook assistance, it’ll be impossible to create an application as robust and powerful as one natively built on the iPhone or a BlackBerry. Facebook can access their internal code and APIs that would, simply put, allow developers to unlock capabilities that a 3rd party developer couldn’t even approach by themselves.

But they can try… and they have. And you can guarantee that fBook won’t be the last FaceBook Application on the Android Market. So there you have it… despite what Facebook says about Android, their application is now on the market.

And just for the record, all you FaceBook execs need to get your head out of your asses and stop thinking you’re too good for anybody or anything or you’ll end up in the same position as Yahoo.

Rob Jackson
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  1. They need to include status commenting, that feature has been completely overlooked, presumably because it’s not available on the iphone page either.

  2. I totally agree on the status comments. Infact comments in general. When I first got my phone m,facebook.com was actually quite usable but one evening things changed and now m.facebook.com gets redirected to x.facebook.com automatically. Now it sucks. But, thanks for at least starting toward a full facebook app for android.

  3. wow that’s cool..

  4. what is the point of commenting on a phone… android sucks? no sir, i dont think so. i can create my own apps and run them on my android… can apple ? thats a fat NO. there are over 1 million sold g1 in united states as of may 1st 2009, apparently the phone isnt so bad. people should concider removing there heads out of there ass before they become the dreaded “yahoo” or better yet…steve jobbs.

  5. Yes you can write your own apps for the iPhone. It is up to you whether you choose to submit it to the App Store.

    Is it surprising though? Facebook signed a deal with Microsoft so they are probably trying to distance themselves from Google to keep Microsoft happy.

  6. i hope new facebook app on adroid synchronize contacts, calendar and photo

  7. A while back there was a great app… but they took it off the market…… sad!

  8. I think it all stems from HTC, aswell as many others backing away from microsoft, after the “Tragedy” of windows mobile. So When Google takes place and runs Android, Microsoft gets their panties in a twist. SO, IN THE END, WE GET LEFT BUILDING OUR OWN FUTURE IN TECHNOLOGY. GET A CLUE COMPANIES, TAKE OUR ADVICE, OUR OPINIONS, AND EACH OTHERS HELP.

    If they partnered a project, they could end up with a product, that no human could defy, or turn down… I wait for that day. (Should it ever come.)

  9. Oh and I’m a proud user all the major tech companies
    xbox 360
    ipod touch
    Htc Hero
    Hp – Running Vista, and Windows, AND XP
    Two Laptops, One Windows 7 other Linux

    Hell i hacked my fridge to send me a message when my beer is cold, Take that COORS

    But Really, You ever wonder what would happen to our Society, if 3rd party disappeared?

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