Finally… I Got RC30 Update


I woke up at around 4:45 AM, walked down the street to get a large coffee (decaf unfortunately) and sat down at my computer to start a long and fun day of work. While I was gone, Windows had one of those highly irritating Automatic Updates that completely disregarded everything I had open and simply shut down – ugh.

I flicked my phone on and to my delight, my phone indicated it was ready to be updated. Obviously, Google was spying on my Microsoft moment and timed the update to ease my pain. Hey, at least I have XP and not Vista. Here is the trimmed down version of updating to RC30 (warning… its boring but I realized there are some readers geeky enough to care!)

So that’s it… I’m updated! For now at least. With my luck they will release RC31 today that allows you to use your G1 as a hangglider. But in all seriousness, it’ll be interesting to see how this improves the performance of the phone and I’ll be sure to check back!

Rob Jackson
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  1. Hello

    I’m in France and I have it since monday at 9am

    It’s curious!


  2. My experience is that it has actually hurt performance. My video playing app will now crash when I touch the screen while a video is playing. Additionally it closed the root access through telnet. This is really annoying. I would much rather have A2DP than have google folks worrying about this stupid hack.

  3. My experience was that it made a noticeable improvement in performance. Everything is so much smoother now.

  4. Windows only reboots automatically during updates if that is the way you have it set up. It is only “highly irritating” if you aren’t smart enough to change it.

  5. @Danny – hahahahahahah thanks for the vote of confidence. the other option is to turn it off and missing potential security patches. Since I’ve had “security” issues I choose pretty much every option that keeps me most protected (in most cases). It is highly irritating that I can’t select a box that says, “remind me tomorrow” or another automated option. if you don’t understand that… welp, we’re just two different animals.

  6. Right after I updated to RC30 I found out about the so-called “modified RC30” which features all of the fixes in official RC30 while keeping root access. Anyone on RC29 should seriously consider pressing that Update Later button if you want to have a truly open G1.


  7. I received my update Saturday morning 11/8/08. The phone did everything by itself. I did notice the difference when plugging up to a computer now, you have to accept it mounting. Whereas before, once you’ve connected it… you could just start file transferring.

  8. Actually, Danny’s right Rob, but M$ didn’t make it easy for the average user to get to. You need to use group policy editor. Start > Run: gpedit.msc
    Then click computer configuration > administrative templates > windows components > windows update.
    On the right you can tweak the settings, the two most obvious to reset are the reprompt and the no auto-restart options.

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