G1 Hits The UK – Are You Rejoicing?


The T-Mobile G1 has finally hit the United Kingdom and Andy Burgess was the very first Euro-Consumer to rejoice in ownership of the first Android phone. He was first in a line that started forming at 5am. We would applaude him for his efforts, but having the G1 in hand should be reward enough!

So… how many Phandroid readers are from the UK? How about anywhere besides the US? Show of hands!

I just want to invite all the new UK G1 owners to AndroidForums.com and if need be, we’ll happily create geo-based sub-forums if its desired/needed… but you can also start “Social Groups” for your locations as well… they’ll function just like regular forums once 20 members are in the group!

Welcome to the G1 club.

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  1. i’m only about 289 KM (180ML) away from where you can get one……..but i have to wait till Q1 2009 !!!???
    I’m on the other side of the water (netherlands).
    How frustrating!!

  2. I’m from France and I will probably have to wait untill Q1 2009 to carry a G1 in my pocket… Anyway … lucky UK consumers … will see that.

  3. I am 30 km away from the US border and I can’t get one. The stupid wireless carriers we have here in Canada have their heads up their arse as we won’t see one for a while. The rumour is Q1 or 2 in 2009.

  4. Im in the uk and have been patiently waiting since it was announced,only to find out today that they wont give any discounts on upgrades until the new year.
    My contract with t-mob expired a month ago and they told me if i wanted the g1 that i should wait ,call on release day and they would take care of me.
    They gave me 2 options:
    1:£5 disscount on line rental
    2:pay £300+ for the g1 handset.
    T-mobile uk sure know how to treat a loyal 10 year customer(been with them since it was one2one).

  5. I am from Ukraine there is no chance for me to get G1 next 2 years, so I will have to unlock.

  6. Ha, got mine! what to do?what to do? what to do? I am so excited I am not really sure where to begin. I am actually waiting for it to have full battery. I have been waiting a year for this moment!


  7. BOOOOO WE WANT THE WHITE IN THE US.. and HEY TWO G CArds.. WAH!… although I bought a larger size, still…. you guys are getting a deal.. the PHONE was FREE and all!

  8. Got mine early morning here in UK, and writing on it now! I love this thing! Will take a while getting used to mini qwerty though

  9. I got mine yesterday, can’t find an AIM programme which is one of the main reasons i got the phone ( it has it preloaded in the us) any ideas? also dont get email notifications when i get a new email from my 2nd email account. any way of getting it to give you a little bleep when you get a new email?

  10. Got mine yesterday morning and I’ve not been off it ever since :) Can’t wait to start writing some apps for it.

  11. @mart – I was in the same position, out of contract with T-Mobile, denied *any* handset upgrade, even on the same rate as new customers. I got around it by buying a £10 O2 sim for an O2 phone I had, switching my number to that, ordering the G1and then switching the number back.

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