Oct 28th, 2008

EA Mobile has released 2 games that you must pay for – Tetris and Monopoly Here & Now. Users can visit the EA Mobile website directly from their G1 to purchase the apps.

Thankfully, EA Mobile didn’t release DEMO versions of the applications, list them as FREE and then only allow you to use square blocks in tetris and play against yourself in monopoly… like some others may have done. But that doesn’t mean the game is being released without a secondary pricing plotline.

EA Mobile is listing the price of Tetris as $7.99 on their website – the price you can get by going direct. Meanwhile, Handango is listing the application for a whopping $14.99! That’s almost a 100% price increase. While we would expect Handango to take a margin on the game, a fee for operating an all-in-one destination, $14.99 is a little bit over the top and somewhat of an insult if you were to find out it actually costs $7.99 after the fact.

Be careful out there guys and do your research before you drop any coin!

[Via PocketGamer]