Oct 28th, 2008

For folks familiar with the Android Rap Song you may remember the line:

A Dollar For A Ringtone? Real Funny…
I can make my own now (ringdroid), GIMME BACK MY MONEY

A lot of people will be feeling that way with Ringdroid now appearing on the Android Market. Whereas carrier supplied ringtones typically cost a dollar and spammy “free”, “complimentary” and “bonus” ringtone offers usually screw you over by bundling in a monthly subscription price, Ringdroid is 100% FREE!

This application is pretty darn brilliant and I HOPE it helps put the old ringtone business formula into extinction. On iTunes you can purchase a song for $1 whiche – if you like the song – is more than worth it. So is a 15-20 second clip of the song worth the same price?

I say no – and I’m sure most would agree with me. Its especially not worth it if you already own the song! You should be able to use that song however you choose, including to make your own ringtone. Ringdroid unlocks that potential.

So what if you DON’T own a song but you WANT to use it as your ringtone? Well, I think Ringdroid is a savior here, too. Because now you can actually purchase the WHOLE song for your music collection and keep it. And then spend a minute or two turning it into a ringtone. Otherwise, you would be stuck buying a ringtone that served virtually no other purpose.

2 thumbs up to the folks behind Ringdroid for putting together an amazing application that serves users well, works flawlessly, saves money and is FREE! I can’t say enough good things about this one.

Oh yeah, it’s not just for ringtones. You can also use the music clips you create for alarms, notifications, etc… Have fun with this one folks, you’ll like it!