Oct 28th, 2008

I checked out Android’s first two “flashlight” applications, ever prevalent on the iPhone as well, and gave them a test run. All the apps do as you probably could have predicted, is keep your backlight turned on. But in actuality the 2 apps I looked at – IO Flashlight and Flashlight – had 2 very distinguishing features that separated them.

The IO Flashlight allowed you to change the color of the screen but unfortunately, the application uses whatever brightness your current phone backlight is set to. In the video, mine is set to DIM and therefore the flashlight was quite DIM. If I wanted a BRIGHT flashlight I would have had to go into my phone settings and alter the brightness of my main screen. But then doesn’t that somewhat defeat the purpose of a simple flashlight?

The Flashlight application solved this problem by automatically setting your phone’s backlight to the brightest mode possible. But, it didn’t have that cool color spectrum for you to choose from.

Take your pick – they both have predictively simple features and serve their purpose. Neither will find a place on my home screen but I will probably stash it in a “Random Folder” for some bizarre time when I actually… need a flashlight… and don’t have one.