Paid Android Apps Coming Early 2009


Developers will only have to wait until October 27th to begin offering their FREE Android applications through the Android Market found on the brand new T-Mobile G1. After paying a $25 one-time-fee, the application will be offered on the market with no other restrictions. However, paid applications is a different story.

A recent Android Developer’s Blog post is showing that PAID Android Applications won’t be coming to the T-Mobile G1 (or any Android Handset) until early first quarter in 2009. That means a few things:

  • Assuming you’re paying for apps because they are of superior quality, some of the best Android applications won’t be available until next year
  • All Android Applications on the market will be free for the next 3 months
  • 3rd party platforms such as Handango and MobiHand will be offering paid applications in the VERY near future and will have a head start on the actual market in terms of paid applications. But will they be rendered useless once the REAL market allows for paid apps?

We’ll be following all the application developments on Phandroid and so make sure to add us to your RSS Feed Reader and join the forums for free (respectively)!

[Via Android Developer’s Blog]

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  1. Wow, anyone notine the software iSkoot for Skype VOIP calls?

  2. Yeah I was wondering about that, I thought T-Mobile did not allow VOIP? Does this mean you won’t be able to download it?

  3. Seems very strange that they didn’t get the marketplace ready handling paid applications at launch-date. A lot more commercial apps would have been available then. But maybe they will offer it together with the European launch? I really hope so since as a developer I like to be paid for what I do! :-) I guess it will be legal to upload your free trial versions to the Android Market and redirect the users to the developer homepage if they want to buy it? Guess we’ll see when they open the market…


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