Sep 25th, 2008

The boys at Gizmodo have obtained via tipster the download link for the T-Mobile G1 user guide. You can see it here. With all the G1 dissing Gizmodo has done – and its been almost exclusively dissing – maybe these tipsters should send some juicy info to people *ahem* who would actually appreciate *ahem* the information.

While Gizmodo uses it as an opportunity to trash the G1’s UI and navigation elements (here is the article), I’d suggest you first read that aricle’s comments where readers are wondering what the big deal is? Are they inventing reasons to hate the G1 or merely more dyslexicer than the average person?

It looks like there will be more info at when the time is right so keep an eye on that as well. But yeah, the User Guide is pretty sweet. If you’re the type who needs to be asked twice, please take a look for yourself.