Judgement Day


While the ultimate “judgement” might be sales figures, today is the day that Android goes official. The T-Mobile G1 will be unveiled and hopefully a LOT of questions will be answered.

You can view a live webcast of the press conference here:

Keep one eye on that and one eye on the conversation of our LIVE BLOG:

This oughta be a helluva day! By the way, stay tuned to phandroid.com all day for updates, media, info and all that jazz… I’ll get stuff up as SOON AS POSSIBLE but its a busy/hectic/crazy day so be patient! While you’re waiting for updates, head over to http://androidforums.com and talk android all day/month/year/life long!

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  1. I can’t synch to Exchange Server!? Burst my bubble in an instant. I don’t know how they think they’re going to sign up business users if you can’t synch to Exchange Server. Shoot I wouldn’t even buy it for personal use, not being able to synch up to Outlook. It had such potential… oh well….

  2. Only 1G of memory? Give me a break.

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