LIVE from NYC on 9/23


I’m typing this from NYC and I phandroid.com WILL be blogging live from the T-Mobile/Google/HTC/Android event, extravaganza, press conference or whatever else you want to call it. Bookmark it:


We’ll also have coverage throughout the day of happenings, information, tidbits, pics, videos and all that good stuff. Feel free to leave comments if there are certain thing you REALLY want to see… I can try to make sure I get the info/pics/vids of what you’re most curious about.

See you in 24 hours!

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  1. I’m REALLY excited about this phone, and the plan is for this to be my birthday present, so any review that you can provide (as much as they’ll let you get hands on) would be appreciated to determine if there is ANY reason I should veer away from this thing.

  2. I’d love to hear as much as possible about the phones ability to use the Google services Calendar, GMail, Google Docs and Picasa. I’ve not seen any mention or sign of them in the screenshots, and they’re the real reason I want to get this phone. Having a contact database and calendar that automatically syncs both ways with my phone would be awesome.

  3. if given the chance could you get video of all 3 colors in action beside each other, as girly as it sounds, I wanna see which of the 3 looks best with the screens lit up and rocking!

    And I’m sure it may be covered in the announcement, but I want to know what apps it comes with out of the box.

    I’m so excited about this phone, now lets hope my fiance doesn’t kill me when I blow 200 bucks when our wedding/honeymoon is in 12 days, she already hates that I’m on my sidekick 24/7! hahaha

  4. I need to know UK release dates and whether it will be available for preorder in the uk as it is (will be) in the US.

    Oh, and when will google release the 1.0 SDK ?


  5. Awesome. I hope you brought along a high-res camera. >_< EXCITEMENTTTTT!!!!

  6. the two things i wanna know is , will it use google gears for offline access to your calendar/email?
    and do you have to have a data plan purchased with the phone?

  7. I’d be interested to see if Google have any tools for syncing between Firefox (Bookmarks), Thunderbird (Mail accounts), Sunbird (Calendar events and to do lists).

    I know that everyone will be comparing android to iphone and this is something that apple have achieved pretty well and would like to see android do the same.

    Waiting patiently in the UK for the release of these phones apparently 6 – 8 weeks times for UK release (According to T-Mobile)

  8. 1. Release date for Europe/Poland and stand-alone price
    2. Since the first Android device is ready, is Google planning to release whole source code of their platform now? They did promise to do so.
    3. Will T-Mobile allow third party apps and Android market?
    4. Is T-Mobile the exclusive carrier to offer HTC Dream?
    5. If HTC Dream happens to be that ugly device from pictures… ask why it is so ugly ;)

  9. I suppose I would want to see,
    1.Can you hack it for other networks :D!
    2.What will it be standalone, without a plan (399?!)
    3.What it uses for frequency, such as CDMA, or GSM, and if it uses sims!
    4.Millions of pictures!!!!

    I cant wait for this phone, been watching it like a hawk!

  10. Will it sync with a Mac (iCal, Address Book, iTunes, etc.)?

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