G1 Appears Momentarily on T-Mobile.com


So all the curious name speculaters – including me – can now be pretty confident that the innaugural Android handset will be called the G1. A link to the G1 appeared momentarily on the T-Mobile website and linked to T-MobileG1.com… surely a sign of whats to come.

Here is a screen shot from Engadget – the link was down by the time I got there:

It’s coming…. It’s coming…

Imagine if they stood on stage in New York City and just before the announcement:

“There is no HTC and there is no G1. The first Android device is actually a calculator watch that does not make phone calls.” That would be pretty funny in a devastating, almost morbid kind of way. Ha! I guess its just the excitement of 1 year waiting… I almost WANT there to be a crazy plot line that we couldn’t expect. Nothing like the above, obviously, but it would be kind of funny. Kind of like a Truman Show sort of evil humor.

Sorry for Non-Americans that don’t get these references. All you need to know is that the T-Mobile G1 is being tested on the T-Mobile website. Time to put T-MobileG1.com on autorefresh!

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  1. Speaking of T-MobileG1.com, what do you think the “fpo” currently up there means…lol j/k
    Figured Id say something before anyone else did. ha

  2. Ha just checked and you’re right? Future Purchase Order? For Purpose Of (testing)? Freakin Prankster Organization? hehe nice fine. I have no clue!

  3. I would be almost positive that it means For Placement Only… this is a standard term used but graphic arts folks when they are seeing how things will layout and look.

  4. It means For Placement Only.

    I work in Food packaging design.

    we use that for logos and bar codes in Adobe Illustrator

  5. The site is already up, but you can’t click through anything until the press conference is done.

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