Android Market Officially Announced!


Less than 24 hours ago we pondered the differences between the inevitable Android Marketplace and the iPhone App Store. Now we’re getting the first official information from Google that the Android Market does exist and some juicy details on exactly what it will be. Get excited folks… this is a DOOZY!

While the definition is open to interpretation, it seems pretty cut and dry on the surface. The Android Market is “an open content distribution system that will help end users find, purchase, download and install various types of content on their Android-powered devices. The concept is simple: leverage Google’s expertise in infrastructure, search and relevance to connect users with content created by developers like you.”

Awesome… and it only gets better.

They chose the word “Market” rather than “Store” because they feel developers should have an UNOBSTRUCTED ENVIRONMENT TO MAKE THEIR CONTENT AVAILABLE. Read it and weep, Apple. As we had hoped, the spirit of openness is preserved with Android Market. Submitting applications will be as simple as creating a login, uploading your app and describing it.

Holy cow… is this heaven? Users will also be able to rate and review applications similar to YouTube. How will they be displayed.. by downloads? By featured? By rating? Will Google sell ad space for sponsored applications? All this remains to be seen but we are INCREDIBLY excited by the tone that Google is initially taking with the App Store. It sounds like Android will be everything that everyone is hoping! Afterall, its all about the applications.

The HTC Dream/G1 will ship with the beta Android Marketplace and only free apps will be available for download. Shortly after an updated version will be released that incorporates paid applications. Any type of profit/revenue sharing has gone unmentioned but details WILL be coming.

Here are some screen caps of the Android Market in action:

WOW everybody if you’re not getting INCREDIBLY EXCITED about Android THIS is your OFFICIAL CUE! The Android Market was one of the last things in question. We wondered in our last article whether carriers would suffocate the ideal Android Market and it looks like the answer is a resounding NO!

The wireless world better watch out… Android is coming. Stay glued to phandroid for all important updates and breaking info on the Android Market!

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  1. This is ridiculous! Every single feature desired from a mobile application store has been included, and I’m floored! When I dreamed of what Android Market should be, “YouTube for Apps” is what kept entering my mind. Wow. I’m really excited now, literally can’t wait for the G1.

  2. I must be missing something, where / what is the link to the actual market place?


  3. Hi James, it’s not a web-based app store. u need have an android phone to use it.

  4. What is the link to submit my android application to the marketplace? Can’t find it anywhere? Is it done through the device…that wouldn’t make sense. anybody?

  5. G1 doesn’t have a video player, does Android Marketplace mean you’ll be able to purchase that software as well?

  6. Holly sh!t, Google is a great copycat. The whole interface of Android Market is almost an exact copy of AppStore. There were some cases before where Google copied some UI stuff from a small start-up company (was something about “chatting”) but now I see they don’t hesitate to copy at all. This doesn’t match to their “we are innovators” image. Indeed, I think at this point, their objective is to cover as must of the IT world as they can. Ogh, anyway, I think I was one of the very first enthusiasts of Android when Google announced it, but now I see the platforms is too late and ugly and inconsistent. Let’s see how it goes on, but general impression of this whole thing is rather sarcastic.

  7. I am excited with the android possiblities. I will ignore all the haters^ and use the phone to the best of my ability. The pull out qwerty keypad, the expanadable memory with no handset upgrade, the whole being able to carry an extra emergency battery is making it a better choice vs another phone that this will be compared to not to mention the openness. If half the people that complained about android would use that energy to create an app instead WOW!

  8. Agreed with fbarkon, this phone will I think be as big as Google envisions it. I think persons really need to give the phone a chance, especially when most of the comments (on some of the other android related websites and news pages) don’t seem to reflect a full understanding of what android is and its potential to seriously shake up the mobile AND web industry.
    Just wait and see folks. Ya heard it here first. The android platform will be the winner.


  9. @Android Software: The idea of a app store is nothing new. iTunes was not the first at all. There were ones before especially fro the J2ME sector (getjar.com).

    The iTunes App Store made a difference by leveraging itunes, and its model. Apple realized that the same people who would pay 99c (79p here in the UK) for a song will in a similar manner download and pay for apps. This basically removed the main issue with paid apps for other platforms, as the issue was with the micropayments. Apps developers needed to set up a payment account, and deal with copyright protection, etc just to be able to sell an application to a user. This particularly drove up costs too, and kind of restricted those developers who wanted to make a simple app, which they wanted to sell for.. lets say $1.

    Although there were stores like Handango, etc, it was another password to remember, and account to set up. Since many apps purchasers already had an itunes account to purchase songs, the perceptual entry barrier was less.

    Android has a opportunity to make a difference there too, as there is already a micropayment open available to most phone users, the premium text message.

    Lets just see how it goes.

  10. I’m with Damien on this one, I’ve just registered and downloaded the SDK with a view to porting my PC game titles to Android however try as I might I can’t find any references or links to how you *SUBMIT* apps to the marketplace. Is Google keeping this bit under wraps at the moment or am I totally missing something?


  11. Does anyone know if there is an app similar to Remote Desktop Connection that will be available for Android? Can’t seem to get an answer out of T-Mobile.

  12. My G1 phone is in the mail as we speak – After reading this oh my word this is sickly amazing! I am about to have a heart attack at the excitement of receiving my G1 phone. YESSSS!

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