Opera Mini for Android Debuts


And out come some of the first 3rd party applications and implementations for Google’s Android. Opera has announced that their world renowned mobile browser has been rebuilt to custom-fit android. And by custom fit, they mean it will support, “any range of handset built on Android.”

Wow. Good work folks.

While Developer’s can get their paws on the Opera Mini for Android Development kit at http://labs.opera.com/ – the average consumer will want to wait for the beta to see what we’re working with here. Remember… you don’t have an Android phone to test it on unless you’re running a simulator!

We’re eager to know – will Android phowners have to download Opera Mini on the web via their Mobile Browser or will it come prepackaged in the Android bundle? Or, perhaps, will a competitor like say FireFox Mobile from Mozilla get the nod due to its outstanding relationship with Google?

These are the kind of question marks we are incredibly eager to learn about. But, since Google has already told AT&T that the carriers have flexibility in what is packaged pre-sale… we’re guessing they’ll have a large say in matters like these. Regardless, it looks  like they’ve stuck their foot in the door to acquire a HUGE amount of market share once Android starts doing the uber numbers we expect.

  • A very neat, inside look at the whys and hows of developing a Mobile Browswer for Android can be found at The Story of Opera Mini on Google Android.
  • Here is the press release
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