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Alright the title might be a little misleading. We’re sure that any Microsoft execs watching this video certainly don’t love it and certainly don’t love Android. The hacker gang over at XDA-Developers hacked a TyTN II with Windows Mobile to run Android overtop as a .exe – SWEET!

That’s good news for consumers, good news for Android enthusiasts and good news for Google… but Microsoft is probably pretty frustrated. Android will undoubtedly be one of Windows Mobile’s main competitors once the devices launch. This video insinuates a few things:

  • People who want to “get in” on android before the devices actually come out may be able to put Android into action
  • People who like their WinMo device can simply run Android on top and then…

Wait a minute here. Actually… this could be good for Windows Mobile, too? If Microsoft takes the approach of, “Sure, Android has it’s uses. Download it as an application and run it as a program in Windows Mobile. That will do the trick,” they could win “the battle”.

Since Android is freely distributed and WinMo is not – and hence you couldn’t run Windows Mobile on Android unless you had a license – WinMo might have a slight advantage here…

Oh who are we kidding? First you run it as an app. Then you realize its better than WinMo completely. And then you convert. Sorry Windows Mobile, you have officially witnessed the start of your demise.

Here is the video of them booting up Android on the Windows Mobile OS:

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  1. This is very interesting. When does the first android phone come out?

  2. Android looks great! Only open source systems allows something like this.

  3. Android could actually help the Windows Mobile.

    If I could have two OS’s in one, then that’s exactly what I’d do. I would buy a Windows Mobile phone and then toggle between tools on the Android OS and other apps on Windows Mobile.

    Win-win for both OS’s. This was the same brilliance behind Apple’s Boot Camp. My fear though is that Microsoft would do something to attempt to cripple running of Android on their OS…e.g. release periodic OS updates that break Android.


  4. it is possible to convert my windows mobile to android os in my touch pro 2

  5. I have HTC HD2 and want to convert to Android. It is possible?

  6. i want to convert my cell to android .can it be possible
    i have htc hd2 phone cell.plz ket me know

  7. So any thoughts if HTC HD2 Windows base phone can be converted to Android OS ???

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