Lumoid lets you try on smart watches and fitness bands before you commit to buying one

Jan 15th - An interesting new service has launched that could make it easier for you to determine which wearable is right for you. Its name is Lumoid, and they'll ship you have 5 wearables -- be it a smart watch, a fitness tracker or what have you -- to try for 7 days.

T-Mobile rolls out new pre-paid plans with unlimited (almost) everything starting at $40

Jan 15th - T-Mobile has some new pre-paid plans to dole out for those who aren't interested in hopping on the company's Simple Choice post-paid offerings. The plans start at $40 per month and give you unlimited talk, text and 3G data.

Blackberry stock drops 20% after acquisition rumors denied (and the SEC should investigate)

Jan 15th - Yesterday, Blackberry's stock surged 20% when rumors suggested Samsung inquired about purchasing the rapidly declining tech brand. Today, Blackberry has plummeted 20%, erasing yesterdays gains after both parties denied these claims. And if you ask me, the SEC should investigate this 24-hour stock price roller coaster.

Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro specs are ridiculous: Snapdragon 810, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage

Jan 15th - Xiaomi had a few big surprise announcements to make this morning, and we mean that both figuratively and literally. First, the literally -- it's a phablet. Two phablets, in fact. And boy, are they powerful.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile finally launches for Android

Jan 15th - Photographers who happen to be part of the Android camp can finally get their Lightroom workflow on the go. Adobe has officially announced the release of Adobe Lightroom Mobile to the Google Play store.

VLC releases preview app for Android TV, download it right here [VIDEO]

Jan 14th - VLC is now available for Android TV. Well, in preview form anyway. If you're looking to give it a test run, download link provided in the post (has to be sideloaded).

Google Maps 9.3 lets you easily share directions with anyone still using a dumb phone

Jan 14th - Google Maps now lets you share driving directions with anyone, even those still using feature phones. Update via the Play Store or the direct download link in the post.

Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy BlackBerry for upwards of $7.5 billion [UPDATE]

Jan 14th - Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy BlackBerry. The deal could reach upwards of $7.5 billion if they accept. Is a Samsung Galaxy BlackBerry in our future?

Spotify attempts to clarify lack of Google Cast support, says Chromecast isn’t off the table [HUH?]

Jan 14th - After announcing that they wont be supporting Google Cast, Spotify is now saying that doesn't necessarily include the Chromecast. Um... Huh?

Google wants you to buy Project Ara modules from food trucks in first market pilot [VIDEO]

Jan 14th - You read that right. At the second Ara Module Developers' Conference today, Google announced that they've identified a market for the initial pilot for Project Ara. It's Puerto Rico, and you won't believe how Google plans to sell modules for the thing.

Watch Google’s Project Ara developer conference live stream right here at 11am Eastern

Jan 14th - Google has a developers' conference going on this morning, in case you didn't know. It's a long shot from Google I/O, but this one focuses on Project Ara, and you can follow along with this handy live stream.

Oppo announces the R1C, a phone so shiny you can see your reflection from any angle

Jan 14th - Oppo has another new smartphone to toss out into the world. The company has announced the Oppo R1C, a decidedly mid-range offering that packs a respectable bundle of silicon for a somewhat respectable price tag.

Samsung finally manages to push a Tizen phone out of the door like an unwanted stepchild

Jan 14th - Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Z1, and on the same day it was announced it was put on sale in India. Folks in that country can grab one for Rs. 5,700 (about $91), and its specs sheet is every bit as disappointing as that price tag would make you assume.

Google Translate’s big update is here, and it’s everything we were hoping for [VIDEO]

Jan 14th - Earlier in the week we reported on a story that Google was readying an update for Translate that would make for easier real-time translation. We speculated the company would also look to bring Word Lens functionality. Those goods have arrived as of today.

Sony is reportedly open to the idea of selling off their mobile business

Jan 13th - It’s no secret Sony’s mobile division has had a tough time making headway in the crowded smartphone market. Where this could be attributed to any number of reasons (poor marketing, 6 month release cycles, virtually no presence in the US), it seems now, after announcing back in November their plans to downsize their smartphone lineup […]