50+ Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks

Apr 12th - Got your Samsung Galaxy S6 today or planning to receive it in the very near future? There's no need to spend hours digging for the coolest features and options if you're in a rush -- we've already done that for you, and we've laid out more than 50 of the best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 right here!

Google reportedly working on better battery technology

Apr 10th - Google is reportedly exploring improved battery technology in the comfy confines of their X Labs department, according to the Wall Street Journal. Details from the report are scarce, though we do know the team is comprised of four engineers.

Enter for a chance to win a Chromebook Pixel from AndroidArea!

Apr 10th - The best Chromebook is easily Google's Chromebook Pixel. There's only one problem: it's ridiculously expensive. So why not win one?

Moto 360 is on sale at Amazon for just $179 [DEALS]

Apr 10th - Long before Apple was selling overpriced watches we've been using some beautiful devices of our own. The Moto 360 was the first smartwatch that could pass as a fashionable "real" watch, and now it's on sale for a great price.

10 Tips every Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owner should know

Apr 10th - We've already shown you everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6, and all of that is equally applicable to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. If you picked up the Edge and were wondering about its unique features, though, look no further.

13 things every Samsung Galaxy S6 owner should do

Apr 10th - So, you've got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6? Congratulations on your new device! You made a good choice. Now it's time to set up this bad boy and get the most out of it.

Watch the first batch of Samsung Galaxy S6 commercials [VIDEO]

Apr 10th - The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxys S6 Edge are official on sale now. Samsung has already been heavily advertising the devices, but now we should see the marketing really pick up.

The Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 are all on sale today, which one did you get?

Apr 10th - Today is the biggest day of the year for 2015 flagship phones. The best from Samsung and HTC are both now available to purchase online and in stores from all major U.S. carriers.

Proof: update to HTC One M9 drastically improves camera [PHOTOS]

Apr 9th - The HTC One M9 has been highly criticized for its underperforming camera but the company just rolled out an update. We put the update to the test in this photo comparison of before and after shots.

Google said to be close to making Android Wear compatible with iOS

Apr 9th - According to information received by The Verge, Google is quite close on finishing the technical implementation that will allow Android Wear to work with the iPhone.

[Update: before and after!] HTC pushes out a much-needed update to improve the HTC One M9’s camera

Apr 9th - HTC has confirmed a forthcoming upgrade for the HTC One M9 that specifically addresses the camera is currently in testing and should be ready for folks to download and install within a matter of days

Mobile Roar 87: Samsung Galaxy S6 impressions, Apple Watch reviews, and Star Wars

Apr 9th - This week we've got the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the house. Chris shares some of his first impressions of the devices. We also talk about the Apple Watch reviews, and much more!

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales have doubled the Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile

Apr 9th - Apparently Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-orders are already doing very well. Sales of the new Galaxy S6 series in the first 10 days of pre-ordering have been nearly double those of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

LG shows off another piece of the LG G4, this time it’s the camera

Apr 9th - At the end of this month LG is set to announce the LG G4, but until then they can't help themselves from announcing parts of the device. This time it's the camera.

Motorola sending out invites to super secret “Moto Makers” fan club [UPDATE]

Apr 9th - Motorola is sending out invites to a program called "Moto Makers." This is a group for fans and supporters of Motorola products.