ASUS Padfone X Mini heads to AT&T prepaid on October 24th

Oct 15th - Fans of ASUS' interesting Padfone lineup may be excited to learn that one of the latest affordable entries in the line will be headed to AT&T here in the United States. The carrier has announced availability of the ASUS Padfone X Mini, giving us an October 24th launch date for their prepaid arm GoPhone.

Most Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 models are now out of inventory on Google Play

Oct 15th - Can't say this 100% foreshadows imminent Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 announcements, but the latest Nexus phone and tablets are no longer in stock on Google Play.

AT&T accidentally lists Nexus 6 on their site (sort of)

Oct 15th - Looks like AT&T could be in line to offer the Nexus 6 through their own storefront once the device is announced (well, rumors say to expect it to be announced) later today. A listing for the device appeared on the carrier's website as the Motorola Nexus 6.

Google researchers discover POODLE, an exploit targeting SSL 3.0

Oct 14th - Google researchers have found a nasty Open SSL 3.0 bug they're calling "POODLE" (short for "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption"). For more info on protecting yourself, hit up the post.

Google Glass gets Android Wear-like Notification Sync, update rolls out this week

Oct 14th - It's fixin' to be a busy week. The Google Glass team just announced an update rolling out this week for Google Glass that delivers all your smartphone notifications to the wearable headset.

Remember Qik? It’s been repurposed as Skype Qik, a hipper, cooler, all-video group messaging app

Oct 14th - It’s hard to believe Skype launched nearly 11 years ago and since then, they’ve grown to become a sort of household name when it comes video calls over the internet. But really, not much has changed since then. Want to video chat with someone face-to-face in real time? Skype is great for that. But in […]

Tips & tricks every Moto 360 user should know

Oct 14th - The Moto 360 has been a roller coaster of emotion since it was announced back in March. Whether you're just getting on the Moto 360 train, or have been riding it for a while, there are some handy tips and tricks you should know.

Android 5.0 officially confirmed in Google’s new teaser, dessert name still up in the air [VIDEO]

Oct 14th - Google's holding auditions for the next version of Android. What do you think it will be? Oh yeah: Android 5.0 officially confirmed.

Report: Nexus 6 and 9 will offcially be revealed tomorrow along with pre-order and launch dates

Oct 14th - According to a new report, tomorrow could be the day Google officially reveals the Nexus 6 and 9! Seems there wont be an actual event, with Google instead going with their tried and true blog post.

Android Deals: Sony Smartwatch 2 for $99, metal music, and more

Oct 14th - Halloween is only a few short weeks away, and that can only mean one thing: plenty of deals on seasonal items to put you on the mood. From spooky soundtracks to holiday horror, we promise there are no tricks with these treats.

Google developer posts screenshot with Android Lollipop debug icon

Oct 14th - Android Lollipop debug icon makes a surprise appearance in Chromium Issue Tracker. This doesn't mean it's official -- Google's been known for throwing everyone for a loop (remember Key Lime Pie?).

Leak: Motorola DROID Turbo training materials talk specs, build quality and more

Oct 14th - Earlier this morning we saw Verizon begin to tease the Motorola DROID Turbo for an October 28th unveiling. They weren't too talkative about what to expect, of course, but we've got more information to deliver thanks to a timely leak.

What we know about the Nexus 6

Oct 14th - As the excitement reaches a fever pitch for this highly-anticipated smartphone, let’s step back and take a look at what we know about the device so far and what we expect to come as part of Google’s official announcement.

New Android ad videos featuring Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 revealed

Oct 14th - Looks like Google has a cool new advertisement for Android starting to hit airwaves. A total of three ads showed up during The Walking Dead’s season premier last night. The theme is “be together, not the same” which is Google’s prideful way of showing how many different Android devices there are, and how even identical […]

Did @evleaks just leak an official render of the Nexus 6?

Oct 14th - In case you haven't heard, ex-leakster Evan Blass (also known as @evleaks) has been going through tough times, so he cheered himself up by doing the one thing that used to make him happy -- leaking a hot new device! This time he gives us our first look at an official render for the Nexus 6.