Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper: Field Day

Jan 24th - Welcome back to another edition of Android Wallpaper! This week our theme is fields. A field is basically just an expanse of open ground, but when you hear the word "field" you probably think of a cornfield or a football field.

Android Wallpaper: Another Brick in the Wall

Jan 17th - It's time to get a little grungy. Brick is one of the most common building blocks in the world today. We think bricks are good for something else: wallpaper.

Android Wallpaper: Partly Cloudy

Jan 10th - Is there anything better than a perfect blue sky with tufts of clouds scattered around? Clouds can be pretty spectacular.

Android Wallpaper: Hit the Road

Jan 3rd - Roads are everywhere. Just think about that for a second. Really think about roads. When is the last time you needed to get somewhere that wasn't on a road? Has it ever happened?

Android Wallpaper: A trip to the city

Dec 27th - Cities can be loud, crowded, and generally unpleasant. They can also be majestic, beautiful, warm, and inviting. We have 6 HD wallpapers with different views of cities, and you don't even need a taxi to find them.

Android Wallpaper: Over the river and through the woods

Dec 20th - Over the river and through the woods, to Grandfather's house we go!" This poem was originally written about Thanksgiving, but it works just as well this time of year. Our wallpapers this week are all about the river and woods.

Android Wallpaper: Winter papers by Alex Pasquarella

Dec 13th - Oh the weather outside is frightful, but these wallpapers are so delightful. This week we have some wonderful wintery and Androidy wallpapers by Alex Pasquarella!

Android Wallpaper: Light Em Up

Dec 6th - The lights of the Holiday season look pretty cool. In fact, lights from any season look cool. That's why our wallpapers this week are lit up!

Android Wallpaper: Roboto Thanksgiving

Nov 29th - Hopefully by now we've all recovered from excessive amounts of turkey and aggressive shopping. For the wallpaper this week we have just one design, and it has been made by the talented Alex Pasquarella. In this wallpaper we can see our favorite green robot in his pilgrim garb enjoying the Fall weather.

Android Wallpaper: Winter Wonderland

Nov 22nd - The snow has already started piling up in many places. Winter is here, whether we like it or not. A lot of nasty stuff comes with winter: icy roads, delayed flights, cold toes, and sore throats. But winter is not all bad.

Android Wallpaper: Taste the Rainbow

Nov 15th - With all the talk about Android Lollipop lately our sweet tooth is craving candy. Our reserve of leftover Halloween candy has run dry, and it's a little early for Christmas cookies and desserts. If we can't get any real candy we'll have to settle for some sugary wallpapers.

Android Wallpaper: Fun With Patterns

Nov 1st - A pattern can be made out of literally anything, as you will see in the wallpapers we've posted. I've always been a fan of repeating patterns for wallpapers. I'm not sure what it is that I like so much, but I find they are often the perfect back-drop for icons.

Android Wallpaper: L stand for Lollipop

Oct 25th - How funny would it be if there was a guy out there that closely followed candy trends, but has no idea about Android? All of a sudden the amount of searches for "lollipop" go through the roof. "Lollipops are going to be so hot this year!"

Android Wallpaper: Fall Colors

Oct 18th - If you've looked out a window lately you've probably noticed some new colors (depending on where you live). The leaves are changing to warm colors, and then falling to the ground to create a crinkly carpet. If you live in an area that features these changes you know how beautiful it can be, which makes it the perfect theme for this week's wallpaper!

Android Wallpaper: Sweet Caffeine

Oct 11th - Coffee is a powerful drug. The aroma alone can wake some people up. Do images have the same effect? That's what we're trying to find out this week with some coffee wallpaper! For your sleepy Saturday morning eyes we have five HD wallpapers that will look great on your homescreen.