Android Wallpaper

New wallpaper every week for your Android device.

Android Wallpaper: Sundown

Jun 20th - One of the most beautiful sights in the world is a simple sunset. If you love sunsets as much as most people you'll love these wallpapers.

Android Wallpaper: Life’s a Beach

Jun 13th - You've probably heard the phrase "Life's a beach" before. It usually means things are going well, but in the summer that phrase takes on a new meaning.

Android Wallpaper: The World Goes Mad

May 16th - The world has gone mad. At least that's the story for Mad Max: Fury Road, which is now available to watch in theaters. It's a spectacle worthy of wallpaper.

Android Wallpaper: Minimal Shapes

May 9th - We're back with another edition of Android Wallpaper! This week we're showcasing wallpapers from an Android developer called Bucker.

Android Wallpaper: Avengers Assemble!

Apr 25th - As I'm sure you're aware by the massive marketing campaign, Avengers: Age of Ultron is being released to theaters here in the U.S. next week (May 1st).

Android Wallpaper: Get in Line

Apr 18th - This week our wallpaper is all about lines. Straight lines, diagonal lines, lines that cross, lines that take sharp angles, colorful lines, and more.

Android Wallpaper: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Apr 4th - Yes, rocks and stones might not be the most glorious and beautiful things on Earth, but if we've learned anything it's that everything can be a beautiful wallpaper.

Android Wallpaper: Knock on Wood

Mar 14th - There's something about the look of wood grain that works perfectly as the backdrop for app icons. Maybe it's the way it brings our digital devices into the real world with a touch of nature. Or maybe it just looks cool.

Android Wallpaper: Not that Galaxy

Feb 28th - Tomorrow we will finally see the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6, but today we're talking about a different galaxy. You may have forgot that the term "galaxy" isn't just used for Samsung phones.

Android Wallpaper: HTC One M9

Feb 21st - Earlier this week we wrote about an Android developer who was slowly tweeting out wallpapers from the HTC One M9. If you want your device to look like a M9 check these out!

Android Wallpaper: Too Cute

Feb 14th - Animals come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We've covered some of the ferocious types before, but now it's time for the adorable to have their day.

Android Wallpaper: Landmark Wonders

Feb 7th - Let's go on a trip around the world. This week our wallpapers feature iconic landmarks and wonders of the world. You might not be able to take a trip to see all of these places, but you can certainly enjoy them as a wallpaper on your favorite device.

Android Wallpaper: Good Night

Jan 31st - For our wallpapers this week we're all about good nights and the beautiful night sky. This week we have 6 HD wallpapers that feature the night sky.

Android Wallpaper: Field Day

Jan 24th - Welcome back to another edition of Android Wallpaper! This week our theme is fields. A field is basically just an expanse of open ground, but when you hear the word "field" you probably think of a cornfield or a football field.

Android Wallpaper: Another Brick in the Wall

Jan 17th - It's time to get a little grungy. Brick is one of the most common building blocks in the world today. We think bricks are good for something else: wallpaper.