Download OnePlus 3 wallpapers from the creator himself


As much as you can say about OnePlus, it’s hard to deny they always deliver some damn good wallpapers. The same rings true for the OnePlus 3, and we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to snag a couple yourself.

OnePlus 3 — Hampus Olsson   Portfolio of 2016

Thankfully you can now download any of the wallpapers you want thanks to the man who created them — — making them available online. In fact, you can get similar wallpapers not featured on the OnePlus 3 for one reason or another as he has made a whole set with this style.

Hampus was responsible for the artwork on the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. He experimented with a style that combined 3D art with acrylics to make for a unique, eye-popping look. Be sure to take a look at all of them right here and take your pick of ones to download in resolutions as high as 4K.

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