Mobile Roar 94: Google IO predictions, Cortana, Periscope, and more!

May 28th - The tech world is about to be buried in Google IO news, so we make some predictions before the big event. Also, Cortana is coming to Android and iOS, but is that a bad thing for Windows Phone?

Here’s where to watch the Google IO live stream online today starting with the 9:30AM PST keynote speech

May 28th - What better way to be made privy to all the info being unleashed at Google I/O than to see it all for yourself? As usual, Google will be live streaming much of the goings-on at the Moscone West this week, and you can watch it right here on our Google I/O Live portal.

Lenovo reveals $49 Chromecast competitor, projector smartphone and a smart watch with a 2nd display

May 28th - Lenovo had a lot of interesting announcements to make at their Tech World conference in Beijing today, including a Chromecast competitor, a laser-projection smartphone and a smart watch with a secondary display!

Google introduces cross-platform URLs for deep linking inside of apps

May 27th - Google is supercharging their short URLs with the ability to deep link into apps. Developers that have taken advantage of Google's new App Indexing -- available on both Android and iOS -- can create URLs that take users to specific places inside their app.

Ads on Google Search will soon have a “buy” button for easy purchasing

May 27th - We're sure Google has a ton of new developments in store for this year's Google I/O developers conference, but they're already spilling the beans on one new feature that will help them drive business to their customers and better compete with Facebook and Amazon's ad business.

Verizon LG G4 up for pre-order tomorrow, arrives in-store June 4th – LG G Pad X8.3 available tomorrow as well

May 27th - If you're on Verizon and can't wait to get your hands on the LG G4, you can get a head start tomorrow, May 28th. That's when pre-orders for the Verizon version will officially kick off and yes, it'll come with all those goodies we told you about.

We’re here: Google IO 2015!

May 27th - After making 22 bold predictions about Google IO 2015, we jumped on a plane, flew to San Francisco, and got in line with hoards of others to grab our passes for tomorrow's huge keynote presentation.

Android 5.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 will bring super easy exposure controls

May 27th - Without question, the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is one of the best we've ever used -- even when paired against the iPhone 6. But no matter how amazing the quality of a smartphone's camera, there are those times when it just can't get some things right. Like the exposure.

US Cellular’s 2nd gen Moto X and Moto E get Android 5.1 Lollipop

May 27th - Owners of the 2nd generation Moto X and Moto E on US Cellular are getting some Lollipop love today! That's Android 5.1 Lollipop to be specific, and it's rolling out over the air to both handsets as we speak.

ASUS ZenPad leaked ahead of Computex 2015 reveal, 4:3 aspect ratio confirmed

May 27th - ASUS is going to be waving their Taiwanese flag proudly at Computex next week, and the company is expected to introduce a new good-looking tablet to add to their ZenPad line. Check out this newly-leaked render of it.

Samsung’s idea for a dual-OS smartphone laptop dock includes using your phone as a track pad

May 27th - Samsung is thinking about making a laptop dock where a smartphone can double as the processing power for a full blown computing experience. That much was revealed in their latest patent, and even in a few that they were granted in the past.

You can now upgrade your device with Verizon Edge as soon as it’s paid in full

May 27th - Verizon has announced a small, yet key change to their EDGE upgrade program. The company now allows you to upgrade through EDGE as soon as your device is paid in full as opposed to having to wait a certain amount of time. This is great for folks who want a new phone with little upfront […]

Motorola might be using Snapdragon 808 and 810 in latest flagships

May 27th - Say what you want about the Snapdragon 810's supposed overheating issues, but it seems more companies are going to use it in their 2015 flagships. One such company seems to be Motorola, with a trusted tipster leaking word that at least one of their latest devices will use the oft-maligned chipset.

Groupon To Go is an upcoming online ordering platform that looks to give GrubHub, OrderUp a run for their money

May 26th - Groupon is getting into the food delivery business with Groupon To Go, a new service to give businesses better exposure on their site.

LG trademark suggests they may have acquired Meerkat

May 26th - A newly uncovered LG trademark suggests they may have acquired Meerkat. The trademark describes an app of the same name and live streaming feature set.