Make Mother’s Day more unique with these CrealityFalcon laser engravers and cutters!


Mother’s Day is around the corner. This means that if you haven’t prepared anything yet, it’s best to start! Now, you could go the more traditional route in terms of presents. But if you’re looking to put together something more unique, maybe CrealityFalcon could help you with that with their laser engravers and cutters.

It might seem a little weird to get your mom a laser engraver and cutter, but you could buy it for yourself. You can then use these machines to create a handmade present for your mom that is truly unique and from the heart. The best part is that CrealityFalcon is running a promotion right now where you can get up to 56% off some of their products!

Even if you’re not necessarily planning to make something for your mom, it’s still a good time to check out this deal especially if you think that you could use a laser engraver and cutter for other projects.

Falcon2 22W Laser Engraver And Cutter

Starting with Falcon2, this is a 22W laser engraver and cutter. It is slightly less powerful compared to some of CrealityFalcon other laser engravers and cutters, but if you’re looking for a more compact machine and if your needs aren’t too demanding, the Falcon2 22W is more than capable of getting the job done!

According to CrealityFalcon, the Falcon2 22W is capable of making engravings at speeds of up to 25000mm/min. If you’re planning to mostly cut wood, it can slice its way through 15mm thick pieces of wood in a single pass – smooth like butter! But if you need to cut tougher materials like metal, it can cut 0.05mm stainless steel sheets in one pass. It also works with 10mm thick black acrylic also in a single pass.

The Falcon2 22W also has an adjustable airflow setting. This allows the machine to automatically adjust the amount of air to prevent your materials from getting burnt or blackened. This will result in pieces that look a lot cleaner and more pristine and professional. Perfect if you plan to sell your creations.

As we mentioned, the Falcon2 22W is sort of like an entry-level device. This is perfect for beginners as it is a three-step assembly process, making it ideal for those who are new to laser engraving and cutting machines. Users also don’t need to worry too much about safety as there are five safety protections built into it. It comes with flame detection too, so you don’t have to worry about burning your studio down!

Falcon2 Pro Enclosed Laser Engraver And Cutter

Next up, we have the Falcon2 Pro. This is one of the more powerful laser engravers and cutters from CrealityFalcon as one of the models can go up to 40W in power output. What does this mean for users? For those who are cutting thicker pieces of material, the 40W model will slice through it without breaking a sweat. We’re talking about pieces of wood up to 20mm in thickness.

One of the main differences between this and the Falcon2 22W is that the Pro model features an enclosed design. This means that all your cutting is kept within the confines of the machine. It has a deep red cover that has light filtering so that you can watch the machine at work without hurting your eyes.

The enclosure also comes with a built-in camera at the top. This allows users to make more accurate alignments. Users can also take advantage of the machine’s larger design to cut larger pieces of material, or have multiple projects going on at once. If you’re planning to use this to run your business, then you can engrave and cut multiple pieces at once, saving you time and allowing you to churn out multiple products at once.

You won’t be limited to just flat objects. When paired with the Creality Rotary Kit Pro, you can use this machine to engrave cylindrical objects like cups and glasses.

Similar to the Falcon2 22W, the Falcon2 Pro comes with a host of safety features to prevent accidents and mishaps. There is also an air purification system to help filter out smoke and dust that is emitted as a result of the laser cutting and engraving process.

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