Google will now rank mobile-friendly sites higher when a search is performed from a phone

Apr 21st - As we were warned about back in February, Google has flipped the switch on a Google Search algorithm change that will now rank websites that are optimized for mobile devices higher when the search is performed on a smartphone.

The LG G Watch doesn’t have WiFi, all other Android Wear smartwaches will get WiFi support

Apr 21st - Yesterday, Google announced that Android Wear smartwatches would be getting WiFi support in the next coming weeks. The question remains, does every Android Wear smartwatch support WiFi? Sadly, no.

Big Android BBQ 2015 is happening October 23rd, and it’s sponsored by Google Developers

Apr 21st - It's back, folks. Ideaa today announced that the Big Android BBQ's dates are set. It's all going down in Hurst, TX and will take place October 22nd through October 23rd.

Google’s official YouTube app will cease to work on the earliest Google TV devices

Apr 21st - Folks still rocking some of the original Google TV devices -- such as the Logitech Revue and Sony's Google TV box -- will find themselves out of a YouTube app the next time they go to use their devices.

Disney and Sphero to release a Star Wars BB-8 robotic ball this year (and how to make your own)

Apr 21st - Remember the Sphero? It's a little robotic ball that you can actually control using your Android smartphone or tablet. Not many practical uses for such a thing, but it's damn cool. For Star Wars geeks, it just got even cooler.

Samsung touts the Galaxy S6’s fast and wireless charging features in latest ad

Apr 21st - You should have already heard about the Samsung Galaxy S6's great charging capabilities by reading our review, but in case you haven't Samsung has a cool new ad showing you just how great their new charging features are.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A now available for pre-order in the US, comes in 8 or 9.7-inch varieties

Apr 20th - After hitting Russia almost a month ago, Samsung is ready to bring the Galaxy Tab A to the US. The tablet comes in 8 or 9.7-inch varieties and is available for pre-order right now. More details in the post.

Sony’s upcoming Sound Bars and A/V receivers feature Google Cast functionality, launching this May

Apr 20th - Sony's upcoming Sound Bars and A/V receivers are touting Google Cast functionality baked right in. Check out our post for all the new features, spec sheet, including pricing and availability.

Sony’s upcoming 4K Ultra HDTVs powered by Android TV available for pre-order, launching this May

Apr 20th - We got a look at one of Sony's upcoming 4K Ultra HDTVs powered by Android TV back during CES, but now they're officially available for pre-order. 4 of the 6 new TVs will launch this May at retailers across the country.

Japanese Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge doesn’t come with Samsung logo, goes on sale April 23rd

Apr 20th - Samsung has a lot of clout in most places of the world, but in Japan they'll once again have to ditch their company logo for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launch.

Cyanogen OS 12 (Lollipop) update for the OnePlus One halted to add “OK OnePlus” voice command

Apr 20th - If you haven't yet gotten Cyanogen OS 12 on your OnePlus One, you'll have to wait a bit longer. The company has announced that they've had to halt the rollout in order to push out a new version that adds the "OK OnePlus" voice command.

Deal: Amazon has the Kindle Fire HD 7 for $79 today only

Apr 20th - Quick heads-up on an Amazon deal that might delight those in the market for a tablet. The company is putting their own Kindle Fire HD 7 on sale for $79.

Android Wear update brings support for WiFi, always-on apps and more

Apr 20th - Google has detailed a forthcoming upgrade for Android Wear that allows users to finally break away from their phones. The big change being outed today is full support for WiFi, as well as always-on apps and new gestures.

Google came dangerously close to buying Tesla Motors in 2013

Apr 20th - A new report tells of plans for Google and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk to strike a deal for Google to acquire the electric car company. Find out why it never came to pass.

Your Google Wallet funds are now FDIC-insured

Apr 20th - Google's doing everything in their power to make sure you won't ever be burned for doing business with them. The latest move for Google Wallet is to store funds in banks that are FDIC-insured.