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KitKat for the Verizon LG G2 now rolling out over the air

Apr 19th - KitKat for the Verizon Wireless LG G2 is now officially rolling out over the air. Yesterday, we told you guys about the update, although it was only available via LG's Windows installer. Enjoy!

8 things I hate about the Samsung Galaxy S5

Apr 19th - After 1 week with the phone (and against the advice of his peers), Chris Chavez is eating T-Mobile's $50 restocking fee, and returning his Samsung Galaxy S5. Why? Find out in the post.

My Galaxy S5 isn’t as water resistant as I thought

Apr 19th - How waterproof is the Galaxy S5? Or maybe the question should be how water resistant? No matter how you ask it... the answer might be "not very" based on our most recent experience.

HTC One M8 update hits Verizon, brings connectivity fixes and gallery improvements

Apr 19th - The HTC One M8 on Verizon is getting its first software update with version 1.55.605.2 bringing a handful of fixes, connectivity improvements, and additions to the gallery. Download the HTC One M8 Software Update here as well!

CyanogenMod 11S – OnePlus One UI showcased for all to see

Apr 18th - Earlier tonight we saw a supposed leak of the upcoming OnePlus One. The leak included press renders of the phone, a variety of back covers, and supposedly depicted the phones upcoming UI. Carl Pei of OnePlus took to the official OnePlus forums moments ago to put an end to the rumors running rampant this evening.

OnePlus One press renders leaked – interchangeable wood, carbon fiber, and denim back covers too

Apr 18th - This could be our first real good look at the OnePlus One -- including wood, carbon fiber, and denim back covers. We have to say, we're impressed. Check out the post for a full gallery of images.

Moonshine UI themed icons now available on Google Play

Apr 18th - Earlier this week, we got a supposed sneak peak at Google's upcoming icon changes for a future version of Android, dubbed internally as Moonshine. If you're anything like me, after seeing Android's upcoming Moonshine UI icons, you've been drooling to get that sexy, flat design on your Android devices.

Motorola working on an even lower spec’d Moto G, could it be the $100 Nexus? [RUMOR]

Apr 18th - Remember that rumor that Google might soon release a $100 Nexus? Well, a new lower spec'd Motorola phone is reportedly coming soon. Could these rumors hint to the same device?

Battle of the Blur: Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Google Camera

Apr 18th - Which smartphone camera has the best Background Blur effect (aka bokeh)? The HTC One M8? The Samsung Galaxy S5? Or maybe the Google Camera App bests them both?

OnePlus One 50MP camera samples leaked, show an incredible amount of detail and bokeh

Apr 18th - The OnePlus One's 50MP photo samples look exceptionally delicious. At $400, we're starting to believe this phone could actually live up to the hype.

Phandroid Recap: Cortana vs Google Now, Galaxy S5 Review, and more! [April 13-19]

Apr 18th - Is it Friday already? Yes, it is, which means it's time for another Phandroid Recap! Once again we had a lot of great stuff go up on the site this week. Reviews, hands-on videos, comparisons, lists, and much more. With all of this content going up you probably missed a few things.

Party like it’s 1998: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition makes its long awaited debut on Android

Apr 18th - Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is now (finally) available for Android devices. At $10 with in-app purchases, you may wanna check out some reviews before you make the dive into one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Will Google bring a MediaTek-powered Nexus for under $100?

Apr 18th - New rumors suggest Google feels like they haven't gotten the cost of admission in the Nexus line low enough, with murmurings of a budget option coming by way of MediaTek.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

Apr 18th - Should you buy the Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8? This head to head comparison compares hardware, software, specs, multimedia, camera, battery, performance, and explains which phone is best for you!

10 “hidden” Samsung Galaxy S5 features you probably already know about (as told by Samsung)

Apr 18th - TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with more features than you know. Samsung has detailed 10 hidden features that many of us may or may not have known about. Grab your Galaxy S5 and get ready to dive in.

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