T-Mobile ONE family customers get Netflix for free, just because


T-Mobile hyped up their big Un-carrier Next announcement and we can say it certainly did deliver. The company is offering free Netflix to any T-Mobile ONE customer on a family plan.

This isn’t some limited time promo or a 6-month deal where you’ll be asked to pony up afterward. For all intents and purposes, your T-Mobile ONE account is now also a Netflix account. There will even be an account linking process for existing Netflix customers, which T-Mobile says will allow them to automatically credit you for your subscription each month.

The only catch is that T-Mobile will only offer up to the standard $9.99 Netflix plan that offers up to 2 simultaneous HD streams. If you’re on a more expensive plan, T-Mobile will pay the full cost of the plan and simply charge you the difference on your monthly bill. That’s still a significant chunk of change to go back into your pockets.

T-Mobile says the account linking services for existing customers and opt-in process for new customers will go live September 12th, though the company may need 1-2 months to fully take over the billing cycle for existing customers. What will you be binge watching once it hits?

via T-Mobile

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