Galaxy Note 8 vs Note 7 [SPECS]


Usually, when a new phone is announced we compare it to the older model and ask if it’s “worth the upgrade.” It’s a little different this year with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. There are very few people with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 thanks to the massive recall. Samsung released a refurbished “Fan Edition” just a couple of months ago, but at that point, it was old news.

So not many people will be actually upgrading from the Note 7, but it’s still interesting to see the improvements from last year.

The biggest difference between the Note 8 and Note 7 is the display. The Note 7 had a 5.7-inch display with pretty standard bezels on the top and bottom. The Note 8 has a larger 6.3-inch display, but the bezels are much smaller, which allows the phones to be similar sizes. You’re getting a bigger display in a similar footprint.

Another big difference is the cameras. The Note 7 had one 12MP camera on the back. The Note 8 has two 12MP cameras on the back. One is exactly the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, but the second camera is a zoom lens. This allows you to zoom in on something without losing quality. It’s pretty handy.

Those are really the only major differences. The Note 8’s battery is slightly smaller, but it has more RAM. Storage is the same. It still has an Iris Scanner, fingerprint scanner, and USB Type-C. The S Pen is obviously included as well. Overall, the Note 8 is a minimal improvement over the Note 7, but hopefully, it won’t get recalled.

What do you think?

Should Samsung have done more to improve upon the Note 7? Or did they need to play it safe and release a phone that will stay on the market? Will you be buying the Note 8? Did you own the Note 7? Let us know below and join the Note 8 forums!

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