ASUS is holding a big event May 30th, Zenfone 3 likely in tow


ASUS has announced an event for May 30th, and they’re calling it the “Zenvolution.” The event takes place at Computex, which you might know as Taiwan’s biggest trade show. ASUS typically saves their biggest annual announcements for this event, something we imagine is due to the fact that it takes place in their own backyard.

asus zenvolution event

While we’re largely unaware of most of ASUS’ plans, we do expect a new Zenfone to be launched at the event. The ASUS Zenfone 3, as we’re going to call it, is supposed to be their bread and butter smartphone on the year, though we’re still not exactly sure what to expect in terms of device specs (though ASUS did mention they feel going with USB Type-C is important, and recent leaks have shown a rear-facing fingerprint scanner).

It’s worth noting that the countdown site also has an Intel logo placed prominently aside ASUS’. We’re not sure if this means ASUS is going back with intel for the chipset inside the Zenfone 3, but it’s possible they could be referring to their continued marketing partnership in the world of computers.

Tablets? Phablets? A new line of dual-boot laptops? Whatever else ASUS has up its sleep, we’re going to have to wait until the end of the month to find out about.

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