Casey Neistat’s Beme is now on Android, lets users share raw videos without previewing first


Sharing isn’t for everyone, but for social media junkies who feel the need to post every minute detail about their lives — no matter how mundane or uneventful — there’s a new app launching today that could take sharing to a new level.

Created by video producer Casey Neistat (the same guy who filmed a weekend at the Oscars using Samsung’s 360 Camera), Beme changes the way you share your life with others with an app that records video clips and posts them without any review or confirmation from the user. Because Beme is all about being social online while still “living in the moment,” the app only begins recording when you hold it against your chest. This means keeps your attention on whatever it is you’re doing and not on staring at your smartphone screen the entire time. Here’s the feature set:

  • Capture video without touching a button
  • Automatically share what you see — no preview, no review
  • React in real-time to your friends’ experiences
  • Watch an endless feed of perspectives from all over the world
  • Find compelling people to follow and see what it’s like to be them

We have to admit, we like the idea, but it’s tough to say how well an app like this will do in a world of Snapchats and Instagrams. While selfies and lip syncing videos are all the rage among youths, these are usually carefully chosen after snapping 10s of 100s of shots. Sharing non-edited, un-scripted video sounds great, but something tells me young narcissists will stick to more traditional means like Snapchat.

Beme originally launched on iOS last summer, but only today is it officially ready for Android users to partake in. We have been seeing reports of users not being able to get past the tutorial — #androidproblems — but we’re sure an update will be out shortly to remedy this. Download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Beme

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