Your kids could play on Samsung tablets when they eat at McDonald’s


Taking your kids to a fun afternoon at McDonald’s might get a lot more fun soon. The company is installing Samsung Galaxy tablets a select number of McDonald’s locations in the UK. It would seem the company is testing an installment in a major market before potentially taking a shot at making this standard everywhere they have a golden arch.

The company is doing it to enhance their Experience of the Future project for providing a fun and delightful eating experience for patrons. It’s not yet known which exact Galaxy tablets McDonald’s will use, but the software will be customized by SOTI, a company who specializes in making device management systems.

We imagine this won’t be all that dissimilar to the computer stations McDonald’s began installing in their eateries long ago, giving customers basic access to the internet and games. It’s a nice way to promote education, provide fun, and get more people connected to the digital world. Let’s hope the lucky folks in the UK won’t be the only ones who can experience this stuff whenever it’s planned to arrive.

[PCR via SamMobile]

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