Hearthstone’s biggest expansion ever arrives April 26th


If you don’t know, Hearthstone is getting a huge expansion soon called Whisper of the Old Gods, and Blizzard today announced its release date: April 26th. It adds 134 new cards, which would be the most cards they’ve added in a single expansion since the game’s debut.

Beyond that, the expansion will bring a new structural change to the game with the introduction of formats. Standard format only allows you to use classic cards and cards which were released in the past 2 calendar years, while the Wild format gives you the freedom to use anything you want.

whispers of the old gods date

Each format will have its own separate ranked ladders so you can continue playing Hearthstone the way you’ve been playing it, or step into Standard where the game will forever change with new cards being shuffled in and out. It’s worth noting that the official eSports scene for Hearthstone will take place on the Standard format, so if you have aspirations of becoming the world champion then that’s where you’ll want to be.

All you need to do is wake up on April 26th and download the update they’ll be sending out to all the PC and mobile clients. Spend gold or money to buy your new card packs, and if you’re really thinking about going all in with this one you can pre-purchase a 50-card pack for $50, and that also comes with an exclusive card back that can only be obtained before the expansion drops. Get yourself ready and hype with the promotional video above!

PS: The April 26th date only applies to the North American server. Those playing on the European server will have to wait until the next day.

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