Google Glass social media accounts have been removed, consumer version all but dead


Google Glass Girls

For the millionth time, Google Glass isn’t dead. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. Google Glass for businesses may be an ongoing project (we saw a leaked prototype with a fold-flat hinge not too long ago) but the wearable headset as it stands for consumers… well, yeah. That’s totally dead. At least for now. Look no further than Google Glass social media accounts which have recently shut down.

The official Google Glass Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social accounts have all been removed, a move that feels more like an effort to sweep Glass under the rug than anything else. A post in the Google Glass Community on Google+ sounded like a farewell from that account as well, asking Glass Explorers to use the Google Glass Help page should they have any further questions.

After strategy reboot lead to the Glass team moving out of Google’s X Labs, they emerged with a new name (Project Aura) and a new focus that included other wearable products, not just the Glass headset itself. Looking at it that way, the take down of Glass’ social media accounts makes sense.

As Glass Explorers ourselves, the news really hits home for us (even if our Glass unit is only gathering dust). We were excited about Glass and where it could eventually lead, but in the end there was simply too much hype surrounding the promise of an overpriced prototype that, in the end, did too little.

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