Crazy Android modder equips Nexus 5 with a working micro SD slot


Nexus 5 micro SD mod WOGSlIo

It’s been ages since we’ve a Nexus device has come with a micro SD card slot. It’s a terrible trend, really. One we hope will finally die off this year (there are rumors the Samsung Galaxy S7 — one of the biggest Android devices of the year — will finally cave and add a micro SD card). But rather than bitch about it, one resourceful Android users took matters into his own hands and physically added one to his Nexus 5.

All it took was a cheap adapter soldered onto the lower daughter board (which apparently had to be folded up to fit correctly), some quick rearranging of the speaker assembly and antenna cables…. and voila! He was the proud owner of a Nexus 5 with working micro SD card reader. The downside? The back cover would no longer fit so a TPU case had to be used in its place to hold everything in.

The interesting part is the OS recognized the micro SD card without any special tweaks or modifications. Couple that with Marshmallow allowing SD cards to be used as internal storage and this guy has effectively boosted the amount of apps, media, and whatever else can fit on his Nexus 5. He’s a got damn genius.


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