Deal: Google also cuts $50 off the price of the Nexus 5X as part of Valentines Day promo, 16GB now only $299


Nexus 5X Valentines Day promo 50 off

After getting a permanent $30 price drop only a few weeks ago, Google is finally bringing down the price of the Nexus 5X to something we feel is a little more reasonable. As part of a new Valentine’s Day promowhich we already told you discounts the gold Nexus 6P by $50 — the Nexus 5X is getting similar treatment.

Now only $300 for the 16GB model and $350 for the 32GB, it’s now $50 off the normal retail price and a full $80 off the initial launch price from a few months ago. While Google didn’t say how long this new promo would last, we’d imagine right up until February 14th or so.

To pick one up for yourself, hit up the link down below. As for us, we’re waiting for the 32GB to drop to $300 (what the phone should have launched at, to be honest) before we can start recommending it to our friends and loved ones.

Buy on the Google Store: Nexus 5X 16GB ($299)

Buy on Amazon: Nexus 5X 16GB ($299)

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