Jan 26th, 2016

Nexus 6P GOLD DSC00837

Here’s a quick deal for anyone looking to grab the flashiest version of the Nexus 6P. The Google Store is now selling the “matte gold” Nexus 6P for $50 off the usual price. The 32GB model is available for $449, while the 64GB model is available for $499. This makes the gold Nexus 6P the cheapest version available in the Google Store.

We got our hands on the gold Nexus 6P back at CES. It’s not the most gold phone we’ve ever seen. It looks more like something we would call “copper.” Our own Chris Chavez doesn’t know what to think about the color.

Like it or not, gold phones are trending as of late. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on the Nexus 6P, this could be the deal for you. There’s nothing a skin can’t cover up, right? Do you like the gold Nexus 6P?

[via Android Forums News]

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