Motorola DROID Turbo 2 vs Moto X Pure vs Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6 [CHART]


turbo 2 vs chart

There’s a new DROID in town. Verizon announced the Motorola DROID Turbo 2, the successor to last year’s popular Motorola DROID Turbo. It has everything you’d expect from a DROID: beefy battery, big display, and manly industrial design. Whenever a new Android phone is announced we like to compare it with some of the best phones on the market. For the Turbo 2 we have chosen the Samsung Galaxy S6, Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, and Nexus 6P.

At first glance you’ll notice that these four devices have a lot in common, as do most flagship phones these days. You can see that as either a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good that most phones are generally good and have the same solid specs, but it’s also kinda boring. So let’s focus on the differences.

Battery life

It’s impossible to truly guage battery life before testing the devices in the real world, but mAh stats are a good place to start. The Turbo 2 comes out on top with a whopping 3760 mAh battery, followed closely by the Nexus 6P’s 3450 mAh battery. The Galaxy S6 is over 1,000 mAh behind the Turbo 2, and it shows in real life. Moto X Pure is a respectable middle of the pack.


Megapixels mean almost nothing. The Galaxy S6 has one of the lowest numbers at 16MP, but it has been well documented that it is the best smartphone camera on the market. Similarly, the Nexus 6P only has a 12.3MP shooter, but it also has great results. The Turbo 2 is going to perform almost identical to the Moto X Pure, which is a good thing. It should be a very nice camera.


Herein lies the Turbo 2’s big difference-maker: durability. Motorola has equipped the Turbo 2 with a shatterproof display. They utilized several different layers to help protect against brutal situations. Motorola is so confident that they have guaranteed it for 4 years. The Galaxy S6 is notoriously easy to break, and the Moto X and Nexus 6P are most likely just as vulnerable. Most phones are. Never worrying about scratches or cracks is a major selling point.

DROID Turbo 2 vs DROID Maxx 2

turbo 2 vs maxx 2

The other new phone announced today is the Motorola DROID Maxx 2. This is a rebranded version of the Motorola Moto X Play. As you can see in the chart above, it’s not quite as powerful as the Turbo 2, but it does pack a punch still. You’re getting a huge battery and the same great 21MP camera for nearly half the price. If you can sacrifice performance it’s definitely worth a look.

How do you think Motorola’s new DROIDs stack up with the competition? Will you be purchasing either one of these devices from Verizon? What if they weren’t stuck as a Verizon exclusive?

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