Sony rumored to launch Xperia Z5 Ultra in March 2016


If the Xperia Z5 series that launched last week wasn’t your cup of tea, even after a swift and sudden price cut, Sony fans might want to keep their eyes on March 2016. That’s when a new rumor claims the Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra will launch and the currently speculated list of specs is pretty spectacular:

Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra Specs:

  • 6.44-inch display
  • 4K (same as Sony Xperia Z5 Premium)
  • 23MP Camera
  • Snapdragon 820
  • 4000mAH battery

You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be an Xperia Z5 Ultra and that it will launch in the next 6 months, but consider specific timeframes and specs from this rumor to weigh in on the lighter side of the confidence scale.


Will you consider buying an Xperia Z5 Ultra when it launches?

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