Sep 6th, 2015


Three days ago, Sony opened Pre-orders of the Xperia Z5 series. Three days later, they’ve deeply slashed the prices, which is sure to irritate any early adopters that got burned. Check out the new prices:

That’s more than a 20% discount on the Z5 compact and hefty cut on the regular Z5 and Z5 Premium as well. For every person that got burned there are likely two more that couldn’t be happier, but I feel bad for loyal Sony customers who made the leap of faith.

Early adopters assume certain risks, price drops being one of them, but this is different. Either it’s a grossly mismanaged strategy sales/marketing strategy or we’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Worth noting: the pre-order buttons are now gone and the devices are shown as “coming soon”.

xperia z5 price

Did you already buy the Xperia Z5 at the higher prices? Are you going to buy one now that the price dropped? Or maybe you think that even with the discount the Z5 isn’t such a great deal? Let us know in the comments!