HTC crashes Nexus party, announces September 29th event


The only thing Android fans seem to care about right now are the LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus which Google is rumored to be launching on September 29th. We’ve even seen the real thing. Odd, then, that HTC would chime in and announce a September 29th event of their own, but that’s exactly what they just did.


Strategic marketing? Coincidence? Or is something more grandiose going on?

The big roman numeral “2” together with two famous mountains – Fuji and Himalaya – have people tossing out several different ideas for what HTC may have in store (don’t forget the One M9’s codename was Hima). When translated it also seems the invitation claims a “double flagship” will be announced.

We’ll save the speculation for the comment section, but I think it’s relatively safe to say that this will not be related to the rumored Nexus event. One thing that’s for sure, though: September 29th is poised to be a heckuva day in smartphone land.

UPDATE 9/21: A popular 3rd party ROM developer and tipster appears to have the scoop on what these devices could be. Head over here for more.

[via @upleaks]

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