Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Android phones get stable launch on Google Play



Quick heads-up, folks: Microsoft’s Office apps that are made specific for phones have exited preview and are now available for public download on the Google Play Store. You’ll get Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint for use on your small screen device.

If you don’t remember, Microsoft recently made their apps free to use for viewing and basic editing of documents. You’ll need an Office 365 subscription if you want total freedom, but having a free component is a nice way to see if that monthly subscription (about $6.99, last we checked) is worth maintaining. Be sure to grab your downloads from Google Play using the links straight ahead..

Download Microsoft Word for Android

Download Microsoft Excel for Android

Download Microsoft Powerpoint for Android

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why would I pay for this when I can use Google docs, or even WPS Office for free and with no limitations?

    1. Probably because not everything translates perfectly between the two, and its very important that it does in a professional environment. If you aren’t in a professional environment then you wouldn’t have a need.

      1. Good point. Thanks. :)

      2. bingo… this is definitely useful for me

      3. Except that MS has never released a comprehensive, useful office app for mobile devices, and never will.

        Almost every office app out there is superior to this turd of an app in every way.

  2. Not compatible on galaxy note 2? You mean, a phone that EVERY OTHER OFFICE APP is compatible on?

    Another failure by Microsoft. I don’t even hold my breath that they will ever “get” mobile, at all.

  3. Your Note 2 is ancient. Lol Buy a new phone. Note 2 is comparable to running Windows 95.

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