Pizza Hut made a pizza box that transforms your phone into a projector


Pizza Hut projector box

When Google unveiled Cardboard during last year’s Google I/O, they proved that innovative hardware doesn’t always need a complicated manufacturing process to get the job done. Running with that idea is Pizza Hut who, in their latest marketing stunt, has transformed a few limited edition pizza boxes into make-shift movie projectors.


The technology behind it is actually pretty simple and like Cardboard only involves a lens to project a smartphone’s display onto a wall. Yeah, you’re going to need a really dark room if you want to see what’s going on. Even if the quality is somewhat lacking, the boxes more than make up for it in wow factor. Something about this reminds us of tying cups together to form a telephone as a kid — not because it was an effective form of communication, but because it was damn cool.

Marketing stunts like this aren’t too uncommon in fast food. Last week, we saw KFC introduce a Bluetooth keyboard tray that allowed patrons to continue chatting without getting their phones all greased up. Like KFC, Pizza Hut’s boxes didn’t make it stateside and were instead only available in Hong Kong. Even if we couldn’t appreciate this for ourselves we have to admit, it’s still a pretty great idea.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Pizza is still garbage.

    1. How can you say that? : O Do you know how many lives pizza saves a year???? Think about students like me, or freshers at college, who haven’t a clue how to cook. Pizza rescues millions from starvation every day. Pizza is life.

      1. No. What you’ve done there is confuse “instant noodles”, which are cheap and easy to cook, with the complete waste of money which is pizza hut.

        1. My son’s birthday is today. He wants go to to Pizza Hut. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          1. Make it happen Derek! Cowabuga!
            And remember: wiseman say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza!

  2. I was referring to pizza huts version.

    1. I love Pizza Hut. Well, the greasy pan one anyway.

      1. Mmm that box looks big enough for a double stacked pan

      2. Garbage ..! !get some pita bread and make ur own ..capicola chicken jalapeños artichoke’s hearts..u can pimp a way better pizza for way less than this crap

        1. Except this. This does not sound like pizza at all. I think you can safely say you don’t like ALL pizza. And personally, I don’t think I could even eat that to be polite.

          1. Haha u think pizza hut is real pizza? Its a commercialized chain restaurant that is held in the same regard as McDonalds, dairy Queen, etc..I do like mostly all pizza ..All authentic or real pizzas hut is not in that company. Take a tour of some little Italy’s in NY or Chitown and get ur feet wet son!

          2. Never been to a Little Italy or to New York in general so I can’t speak to those, but Chicago does have good pizza. And so does Pizza Hut. I’ve never been to a place dedicated to pizza that didn’t have good pizza. And none of the good pizza’s I’ve had have come with artichokes, jalapenos, or chicken. But what can I say, I also eat and enjoy McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, etc. You can call me uncultured, but I will as quickly call you a snob :)

          3. Guess I’m a snob then ,and that’s fine..I enjoy creativity out of the box type thinking when it comes to any kind of foods..Hence the reason the food network kicks ass! Then again pizza to me is a treat on a cheat day and not something I over indulge in..Let alone eatimg at at any of those other filthy joints. Still to me , that garbage is still just that ..Garbage ..So I guess snob it tis!

        2. Pizza on pita bread is not pizza. More like I don’t want to buy it so I’m going to make it like a noob on bread instead of dough. And then I’m going to try to be a hipster artisan about it and not use pizza ingredients but my own special blend. In other words, I can call a pig a giraffe, but it’s still a pig.

          1. Oh I make my own pizzas V from scratch.. The pita bread version is just a quick alternative for when ur in a pinch or don’t have alot of time but just want a quick fix..I’m a bit of a health but tho so I go that route to get my fix and still keep my six win in my books..Then again what is real pizza..I’ve been to Rome and can tell you real pizza to those people has very little to no cheese and just sauce on dough ..That’s how it started ..Everything above that is simply modification..

          2. I’ve also been to Italy and many other countries where pizza comes in lots of different forms. One thing they all had in common, though was they were all served as dough, sauce, and a topping (usually cheese was part of that equation no matter the amount). So I’m not marginalizing what you like in your “pizza”, but saying Pizza Hut is garbage (and it very well may be) while comparing it to something that is definitely not pizza, is…err…a little illogical.

          3. At the end of the day its 2015..Pizza is what ever u want it to be in this day..It may not be traditional in the sense of the word but that doesn’t make it not pizza..Pita pizza is still a form of pizza ..I guess even pizza hut is a form of pizza..just a mass produced one..peeps will always have their subjective views as to what is and what isn’t and that’s great..But the true to form pizza is still will always be what is found In the likes of Rome..Everything else is a mod..stemming from creativity..

          4. Actually, pita with “stuff on it” is pretty similar to original pizza. The original pizza was presumably focaccia with toppings. It was first documented around 1000AD. It was possibly inspired by matzah and brought to Italy by returning Roman soldiers. Cheese was added when the indian water buffalo was brought to tialy in the Middle Ages.

            In the 17th century, pizza was food for the poor, and consisted of flat bread It was topped with olive oil and herbs, most of the time. You can still get this kind of thing in Halal markets in the US on occasion, and yeah, it’s a lot like pita.

            In the 18th or 19th century, tomatoes were introduced in Naples. Naples, by the way is the home of the 1st pizzaria, not Rome. The Pizza Margherita was created in 1889 for the then queen of Spain. She liked it (out of 3 choices) so much that the pizza ended up being named after her.

            Today’s traditional Italian pizza has chunks or slices of buffalo mozz, and can have a wide variety of toppings. Check out a Pizza Capricciosa if you think Italian Pizza doesn’t have a lot on it.

            Add to this, American Pizza is completely legit. It evolved to fit a need in New York, being created by Italian Emigrants who came here and brought their food with them.

            In short, please quit pretending that you know what a “real pizza” is. You don’t. My cousins in Italy would laugh at your presumption as they scarfed down their asparagus and perpperoncini (they call it pepperoni by the way) pizza with a good amount of cheese. They’re native Italians by the way. There are plenty of kinds of Italian Pizza, and the one you had in Rome is only 1 of them.

          5. Anddddd thank you sir…There you have it folks and pita pizza haters! A little udumacation goes along wayyyy..I’m telling you all..If ur concerned about that increasing girth of the lower abdominal area..give the pita version a try and make it ur own..Its a way to have ur cake and eat it to..

      3. Who can forget the personal pan pizzas ?? I remember when your report card was deemed acceptable you’d get one of these delicious treats, still my favorite indulgent from them.

      4. Or the hand tossed….or the thin crust….Or if they have anything else…Some pizza styles/places are better than others but almost all of it is pretty awesome.

    2. It more or less depends on where you are. Growing up I lived near good ones, but now all the ones near me are garbage. I know it’s not then in general because I’ve had good pizza from them that wasn’t my local one since moving here. I prefer Domino’s personally. Though, if they were doing this projector here I’d probably deal with the garbage to check it out.

    3. Agreed. The PH where I live just went out of business.

  3. I thought this was april fools material right here…

  4. Er.. “Hot N Ready” is literally a registered trademark. They think changing the “N” to an ampersand is just okay?

    1. What?

  5. So, put your phone in a dirty, greasy box?


    1. Lmao. I don’t want my phone covered in grease.

    2. But you’ll use your phone while sitting on the toilet???

  6. cool as hell tho

  7. I hate Pizza Hut. Passionately.

  8. Chris, did you screencap that top image from your favorite porno..? Because it looks familiar…

  9. I live on Long Island and the chain places tend to be last resorts while travelling. I at least know what to expect, but there are too many good, local pizza places here to bother with Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc.

  10. This is pretty cool but I won’t be putting my phone in that

  11. “Like KFC, Pizza Hut’s boxes didn’t make it stateside and were instead only available in Hong Kong. Even if we couldn’t appreciate this for ourselves we have to admit, it’s still a pretty great idea.”

    So you made me read the whole thing only to find a disappointing ending.

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