3rd gen Moto X could have a 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and 4K video


Motorola a Lenovo company DSC07719

Motorola will almost certainly introduce a new Moto X this year, though it may be a bit on the early side to start thinking about what, exactly, they’ll look to do. Some early information could have given us a hint as to Motorola’s plans for its camera, though.

According to information received by STJS, the 3rd generation Moto X will be equipped with a 16 megapixel camera, and that we’ll see the return of Motorola’s ClearPixel technology which uses an RGBC pixel filter to make for a sensor that performs better in low light. The camera will also supposedly come with optical image stabilization, a feature which the 2014 Moto X can’t boast.

Other features include the ability to record at a resolution of 4K (though you’re limited to 30 frames per second) and 120 frames per second (which limits you to 1080p). There’s also the option of recording at 240 frames per second if you can stand to keep your video resolution at a mere 720p. All of that sounds like the makings of a great camera and we’re hoping Motorola can make it more of a standout feature of this year’s flagship instead of the afterthought that it was in years prior.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. if they can give me a SOLID camera this time around and put some front facing speakers like the Nexus 6 has, I might switch when its released. throw in a nice battery and i’ll increase that “might” to “probably”

    1. I checked a Nexus 6 and Moto X 2014 few months ago. I don’t know why I feel that AMOLED displays on Motorola phones are not so good. They are not too bad, but it seems like they are far behind the competition; especially compared to AMOLED panels on Samsung phones. They are also worse than LCD displays which most flagship phones have.

      I’m expecting a better display this time.

      1. I get what u are saying….I feel its good in my case. sammy has some of the best displays in the market for sure. I just dont care for touchwiz….even on the new S6. Its always the deciding factor in my case, I just want stock. I dont want to have to put a launcher on my device to get my phone where I want it, i wish they would start giving you the option of being stock or using their UI (sammy, LG, HTC all included with that wish)

      2. That’s because Samsung only supplies other companies with their last gen amoled displays. What you’re seeing on the moto x 2014 and nexus 6 are essentially larger s4/note 3 generation panels.

    2. Moto’s done front-facing speakers before, I hope they do it again.

      1. its the only way i’ll buy another moto product. the nexus 6 has some of the best stereo front-facing speakers on the market in my opinion

  2. It needs to stand out for more than just MotoMaker.

  3. The only things that takes out my interest is the fact that it might have a snapdragon 808… I hope it comes out with a better processor instead, and I hope it gets a 5.5 inch display.

    1. What’s wrong with the snap 808?

      1. I’m with you….I dont really see the problem with the 808, as long as the phone is optimized for it like the G4 seems to be

      2. The gpu (Adreno 418) is not for flagship level. Instead, it looks like a midrange gpu. Even the adreno 420 seems to be stronger. By the way, the LG G4 that have similar specs to what the 3rd Gen Moto X have really lower benchmarks than even flagships from last year.

        1. what about the newly announced 818?

          1. That would be sweet, and it would make the Moto X 3rd Gen to be pretty futureproof.

          2. no date for when it will start to ship

        2. Oh ok, I can see your concern. However we can’t forget Moto is great at optimization. Honestly a phones software that is optimized to the hardware is more important to me today than the hardware alone. Plenty of phone tout hardware that doesn’t make a huge difference us you play power hungry games or use apps that require tremendous amounts of RAM to run.

        3. The adreno 420 is stronger about 10-20 percent

    2. They will most likely be using the 810, like all of the other flagships this year. In fact, a more reliable source (Qualcomm) basically stated that Motorola will be using it. Production on this phone would have started months ago, so there is no way that an upated processor was ready for prime time, then. It’s also possible that they initially tested the 810, but ran into the issues that other manufacturers had with the chip, and decided to downgrade to the 808. Regardless of which chip they settled for, this Gadgets Portal “leak” is probably fake.

  4. Nice, my next phone will definitely now be either the Nexus 2015 or 3rd Gen Moto X.

    1. u and I are on the same page….I get frustrated with my Nexus 6 on some points but its given me everything I want out of a phone at the end of the day. Its down to the two phones u listed for me too.

      1. I love my Nexus 5 but I could do with better battery life and Moto’s notification interface. My mom has the Moto X 1st Gen and I still get a little jealous when she grabs her phone and doesn’t have to unlock it to see notifications or rely on the notification light which some apps can drain your battery more than they should depending on their pulse frequency. Oh and voice control is as we some as well.

        1. might wanna take a look at the nexus 6 :) I get over a days use before I have to charge it. And it has the ambient display so when I get a notification (or pick up my device), it gives me a glimpse on what I have

          1. I thought about it, its just a big bigger than what I’m typically comfortable with. I’m hoping the for Moto or who ever makes the next Nexus to keep within 5.5, although a bigger screen is looking more appealing with the latest releases.

        2. Try this for notifications. I stopped using it with Lollipop tho due to my smart lock not working with it.


      2. If T-Mobile offered the Moto X, I would of went with that..but opted for the close-to-stock Z3…Cmon Magenta!! Bring the Moto X!!! Or similarly sized Nexus!!!!!

        1. haha love that last part “similarly sized Nexus”. I love my Nexus….the size did take a while to get used to tho. I would love a 5.5 inch offering next time around tho.

        2. Just by from motos website not too pricey and there are payment plans

          1. Not Back in December/January when I had to get a phone..: /

          2. I bought my Moto X Pure Edition in October of last year and it came with a T Mobile sim.

  5. The return of the ClearPixel tech makes me doubt the leak from the site.

    1. good point actually…glanced right over that

  6. Yes… But will the Moto X (3rd Gen) be available on Sprint? While I’m not too keen on Huawei potentially building this year’s Nexus (although that’s just rumor for now), if it were any bigger than the N5’s 5.1″ display, the 2015 Moto X would be my last resort as it’s the only other device that’s as close as you can get to stock without it being a Nexus. I really love how HTC’s evolved Sense to be extremely lightweight and minimalist these days but overall, I’d rather have vanilla Android with no manufacturer toppings whatsoever.

    Additionally, I’d rather Motorola work on superior screen tech. I still have the Moto X (1st Gen) and the screen’s pretty crummy compared to even older phones. Even at 720p, it’s low quality, not sharp at all (at 316ppi), and the cigarette-yellowish whites are atrocious. I know impure whites come with AMOLED territory but darn-near pure whites can be achieved on Super AMOLED (a la Samsung). While I know last year’s model improved on screen tech to some capacity, I haven’t been able to compared my model to last year’s side-by-side.

    1. I agree with worries about Huawei making the next Nexus, if it’s another monster then Moto is the only choice for the minimal user.

    2. I thought I was the the only one wondering this about the New Moto X on Sprint. I am also still rocking the first gen model. The phone is great for the most part, although there are a few upgrades I would expect. The camera is mediocre at best, the bluetooth range is horrible and there are some hard-to-describe wifi issues. The twist-to-launch camera is a feature that is priceless.
      I’ll most likely try a gen-3 if Sprint offers it.

    3. The nexus 5 had a 4.95″ display.

  7. Motorola could cram a nikon full frame sensor in their next phone but the camera software/processing will still be amongst the worst available.

    1. You mean a Sony full frame sensor. But the rest is probably true.

  8. Big battery please.

  9. 5″ screen please. no bigger.. and glove mode ;-)

  10. These obvious specs upgrade has started to suck now… We need some revolutionary change… !!

    1. Snapdragon 818!!!!

    2. Let phones as they are now and give me a 3 day battery and I buy right away. If this Moto X is as good as people are especulatig this would be a clear choice to replace my HTC One M8

      1. Phones are always over hyped and never live up to expectations. Smartphones used to be such a big hobby of mine, but it is now something I’m over and done with. I switch phones all the time and just get bored, even with rooting and flashing roms and using iOS on and off. I’m just never satisfied. It’s a curse…

  11. MotoX 2nd gen can already record 4k video.

    1. I just checked, you’re right.

  12. Clear pixel = trash

  13. Could or should

  14. Need to get the moto screen working more responsivly plus a the option to use a notification light…the auto brightness can be hit or miss oh and download capabilities videos rarely download completely if you let the screen sleep ….oh better storage size options or give the option for SD cards the non removable back is no excuse not to use a similar pop out slot like the Sim card uses

    1. There an option in wifi settings,advance setting to let the wifi working even if the screen is off, its supposed to save battery but the save is minimal and you always on let you keep the dowload throught the night for example

      1. No I mean when I go to save a video from the web it won’t complete the download if I stop using the phone

        1. Using it or just the screen turning off? Because if the option is not selected the wifi goes to stand by mode(not downloading) when the screen goes off to save some battery

  15. Maybe this will be Nexus 5 replacement finally, so long as they do good on battery and don’t grow the screen too much.

  16. Best phone was is will be moto x rocks

  17. I know that’s last year’s model on the left but what is that thing on the right??

  18. The camera was one of the biggest disappointments to me with my Moto X 2014 (Pure Edition) I hope they take our feedback seriously… implement wireless charging, front facing stereo speakers and a much much better camera. I wish more manufacturers offered a Pure Edition phone because that was the thing that sold me on the Moto X. It wasn’t enough to keep me as a long term customer though as I have now moved on to the S6 Edge and couldn’t be happier. My only complaint with the S6 is also the lack of front facing stereo speakers, but the camera is absolutely amazing, the screen kills my Moto X and I get to use all of my old Qi charging pads again.

  19. Hopefully itll have better battery life this time around

  20. Better camera, battery, and dual front speakers like the Nexus 6 and I’m happy with the next gen Moto X. I could care less about Qi charging, it’s not at all important to me.

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