Facebook Messenger adds cross-platform video calling in latest update


facebook messenger video calling

Facebook today announced the launch of video calling for Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS. It’s what it sounds like — if text or voice isn’t enough for you, you can take your Facebook chat to a more personal face-to-face video call using one simple button.

The feature is cross-platform, so those on Android can video chat with their friends on iOS without issue, though it’s not yet possible to video chat with folks in the desktop version of Facebook.

The feature is available for those in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, the UK, the US and Uruguay. Your country not on the list? Facebook pinky swears that it’ll be on its way shortly. Find the upgrade at Google Play right here.

[via Facebook]

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  1. This breaks down communication barriers.

    1. There are numerous multi-platform video chat apps. Facebook just has a huge lead because a large amount of people is already using it. But I guess with the sheer amount of people who use Facebook, I can see why this can be seen as breaking down barriers. LoL!!

      1. It’s annoying enough trying to convince friends and family to install a certain video app so you both can use it. Everyone pretty much has Facebook, this makes sense and I wonder why they didn’t work harder to implement the feature ages ago.

        1. It’s not uncommon for a company with a big lead in an area to be slower in rolling out newer features. If something doesn’t work right, they have a lot more complaints.

          I presume this is one on one only? Unfortunately, if my 10 year old daughter is a good barometer, this won’t put a dent in Facetime because the kids don’t use Facebook.

          It’s funny, I saw the headline mentioning cross platform and I was hoping it was a way to chat to other video clients. When is that going to be a thing?

  2. I literally just saw the update before I came here to check the latest news and go watch that HTC commercial that everyone keeps making fun of. LoL!!

  3. I have had this for some weeks now..

  4. Isn’t Facebook video just powered by Skype anyways shouldn’t they have had this years ago?

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