2 more LG G4 teasers get us worked up over its Quantum IPS display and f/1.8 camera [VIDEOS]


LG G4 IPS Quantum Display teaser

LG has been teasing the sh*t out the G4. In another round of their quick 15-second ad spots (we already saw the G4’s leather back and UX 4.0 features), the South Korean manufacturer reminds us again that their IPS “Quantum” display will make our eyes bleed, and that their camera has an f/1.8 aperture to capture… you know, buildings and stuff.

You can check them out below but at this point we’re just ready for them to make this thing official like Sony did with the Sony Xperia Z4. Just. Announce it. Already.



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  1. Nice for LCD but black level isn’t at the same level as AMOLED judging by second video.

    1. even for simulated screens they could have done better :/

  2. Why SPAM a link to some unrelated app with your ambiguous comment?

  3. They haven’t advertised the sound quality…. Because in 2015 they failed putting the speakers on the back, why not the bottom or at least the bottom side, but the back…. That Sucks!

    1. Agree with your ass.

    2. This is one of those things I have never cared too much about. I do not watch full movies on my phone. I do not play games, ever, at all. I watch a vid here and there & use speaker phone now and then and so for me, the sound is important, but not critical.

      Each phone has strengths and weaknesses and these guys, clearly, are not worrying too much about sound quality relative to the camera and build quality. And I agree with them. I use a phone camera every day. I rarely use sound. That camera speed and quality is critical to me personally. So, I am pumped they are touting and putting so much effort and claims into their camera.

      ps – all of this being said from what I have read, and I read everything I can daily that is new about the G4, you could be wrong and in fact the G4 comes with front facing 2w stereo speakers which come from a partnership Bose. Consider the them trying to force sound through a leather backing, so I think they considered your complaint. Does that change your angry mind?

      EDIT: “This time, the smartphone adopts new 2W speakers, placed at the front (top and bottom).” “The front-facing stereo speakers will be obscure and not a sore in the eye possibly.”

      1. Where did you get the quotes in your edit? I’ve been reading just about everything I can about the G4, just like you, and don’t remember that detail. I actually thought that I’d seen pictures of the back with a small speaker cutout at the bottom.

        1. Just google “LG G4 speakers” and you can find all kinds of references to the 2W front facing speakers :)

          Also, I saw and used the leaked G4 site before it was taken down and I did take a bunch of screenshots and will look, but I feel like I recall seeing in one of the vids or a posted spec on the site this reference to 2W front facing speakers, but I didn’t recall it until I started reading the leak references. I will have to see if the screenshots I have show it.

          1. I just looked around and it’s looking grim for front-facing speakers since the micro-site leak, but I’m going to go believe your version until Tuesday because I like it better. :)

      2. I just found this straight from LG – there’s a slot on the back that I would think is the speaker. Unless they really went all out and added one to the back for when the phone’s face down. http://social.lge.co.kr/lg_story/lg_mobile/g4/g4_natural_leather_sheet/

        1. I’ll stick with the rumors of the 2W front facing speakers hidden under the face versus that 1 small slot being for a single small speaker on the back.

          But in 4 days…. we will know :)

  4. Still going to be a rock solid unit and probably my next ride… Time to get off Samsung me thinks..

    1. This IS my next ride. This is the phone I have been waiting to upgrade to off my Galaxy line. I am praying it is all I am hyped on to believe from the leaks (and Verizon does not get some jacked up version like they did with the Z3v). The only thing it does not have that I wanted, as an active guy who lives next to the beach and works out 2x a day, is a IP rated waterproofing.

  5. Quantum dot displays have amazingly rich and vibrant colors. I have seen QD displays achieving more than 100%NTSC (more than 100% Adobe RGB) gamut

  6. Damn that leather looks good.

  7. In the first video, when the person puts the device above the flowers, I think it’s not the camera that shows the flowers, but it’s just a static image.

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