LG teases the G4’s smooth leather back in latest promo, another look at UX 4.0 too [VIDEO]


LG G4 leather promo video

Man, it feels like LG is really dragging this one out. To help steal some of the limelight away from the recently launched HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, LG has been teasing the upcoming G4… hard. They’ve practically shown off all of the phone’s features — 16MP camera with f/1.8 lens, 5.5-inch QHD display, UX 4.0 — all while keeping the actual phone’s design mostly under wraps. Well, that’s if you don’t count the massive G4 leak we saw over the weekend.

In their latest teaser video, LG is barely even attempting to hide the phone at all, showing off its all-leather back option in a 15 second promo. The video gives us a quick peek at both the front and back of the device, while leaving little to the imagination. The LG G4 is scheduled to be unveiled on April 28th, but at this point, there wont be much more to actually reveal.


UPDATE: Looks like there’s a new LG UX 4.0 video too. The video highlights the G4’s Quick Shot, Gesture Interval Shot, and Ringtone ID features. Check it out below.


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  1. I have a feeling this will be replacing my G2. I just hope the battery life is equal to or better.

  2. Looks like they got selfies and leather handled – now let’s hope they don’t screw up with the battery like Samsung did.

    1. You talking about the size or the ablity to swap it out? I think it’s a user-replaceable battery on the G4.

      1. Guessing he means smaller battery/battery life in general. Either way, being able to swap out the battery will be great, even if battery life is average.

        1. Right?

      2. 3000mah battery, replaceable, on Lollipop with battery management and better power management, I bet 3000mah will be real nice.

        1. Download Qualcomm’s Battery Guru app (which is designed to learn how you use the phone and optimize the phones settings based on your real world usage) to get an extra 25-50% battery life.

          Then throw on ZeroLemon’s 9,000 mAh heavy duty battery case and now you’ve got some decent battery life, 4-6 days worth.

          That’s the power of the user replaceable battery. You can replace it with one 3x the size because manufacturers refuse to learn that we don’t give a shxt about how thin a phone is, we want it to last us a couple of days no matter what we use it for.

      3. Either/or.

    2. IIRC, on the leaked website, they had a video where you can trigger a selfie with a hand gesture. It is pretty slick. That vid has not been publically released that I have seen.

      EDIT: I see the video above shows this. This is not the video I saw on the leaked site, but same stuff essentially.

      1. Took my first selfies the other day (to get extra credit for a class so don’t judge me) and found the rear buttons are perfect for selfies.

        1. Well then you missed the point of this new tech on the G4 you must not be talking about as the G4 uses a hand gesture to take the 4 selfie photos.

  3. Are they sticking with the SD 810 CPU? It’s not working wonders in the G Flex 2…

    1. Rumor is more heavily they are doing the 808 due to issues with 810 and better power management claims, etc.

    2. I read on one of these android sites that after an update, the g flex 2 is fine… hope they are right

  4. I’am so into this phone it is not even funny. I even like the leather. But to save bulk and such I will likely do the plastic back. I bet the leather will be pretty $$$ as well. However, the leather will surely take a beating.

    1. Leather is great for that kind of thing. I love it.

      1. Also, I wonder if leather will limit what branding Verizon can do to it/on it?

  5. look at this teaser guys

    1. Have been taken down =(

  6. I want a leather backing for my G3!

  7. Back speaker =fail
    I won’t even look at it.

    1. Well I guess based on your logic then Apple phones as well as Samsung=fail since they have rear speakers. The only phones that I am aware of that have front speakers are HTC, Nexus, Motorola possibly and One Plus One (possibly). If I am concerned about front speaker sound I have an incredible portable blue tooth speaker I use.

      1. The Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 phones have their speakers on the bottom of the device, which is not as bad as being on the rear.

    2. Too late, you already did.

  8. I wish they include skiping tracks while the phone is locked or standby by clicking the back bottons..just how the lg g3 can using xposed, also to be able to change the color of the default apps like on g3tweakbox.

    1. Those are such practical features I wish it was something that all makers would have as standard. Xposed is so valuable to me that I downgraded my Note 4 back to 4.4.4 because of the major issues with it on lollipop. It was worth staying on KK for me. I need working xposed modules.

  9. My wife just got the LG 3 and it’s a very nice phone, the UI is a lot less bogged down than Touchwiz. When it’s time to upgrade my Note 4, I may very well go to LG.

  10. Will the g3 get UX 4.0?

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