Adventure Time, Clarence, Venture Bros and many more officially headed to Hulu in May


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It’s all thanks to Hulu that I’m now the #1 fan of Bob’s Burgers. The video on-demand service is an integral part of my daily watching habits, helping me to discover shows — like the aforementioned Bob’s Burgers — I might have otherwise passed up on regular broadcast television.

If you’re a fan of animation, Hulu just inked a deal with Turner Broadcasting which, aside from bringing TNT and TBS titles to its library, also adds shows from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. We’re officially freaking out now.

This means shows like Adventure Time, Clarence, Venture Bros., and Robot Chicken can all be streamed exclusively on Hulu, as well as other hit shows like The Last Ship or Murder in the First. Blah, blah… ADVENTURE FREAKIN TIME.

Another cool bit of news is shows from Cartoon Network will be found on the Hulu Kids environment and available to stream ad-free. The shows will officially make their way to Hulu on May 1st. Excited yet?



Chris Chavez
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  1. Apart from the fact that HULU is an app, how exactly is this news relevant to Android?

    Are we to get news of every show coming out for HULU, Netflix, the BBC iPlayer and every other player that Android also happens to feature?

    1. It’s revealant to the readers who use their Android devices for media streaming purposes.

      Also these type of articles can get conversation started amongst readers which is always a good thing for online writers.

      1. Allowing users to communicate in the comments? All I see is opinions getting bashed and flame wars. LoL!!

        1. Ah yes there are always bad apples in every thread

    2. This is a pretty huge development, it’s not just a single show.

      In regard with how this relates to Android, it’s the same as when Twitter adds a new feature, or even Facebook — we cover it.

      Hulu is huge streaming service for Android and isn’t just available on our phones/tablets, but Chromecast, Android TV as well. Although you may not feel the same way, we felt like it was highly relevant.

      1. The bbc iPlayer is available on all of those platforms. I await news of all the new shows (and there are many) coming to this app in the near future, then.

  2. Hulu just got cooler.

  3. Go Team Venture!

  4. I’m watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix right now. Great show.

  5. Go Team Venture!

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