NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable will receive Android 5.1 update in the coming weeks


nvidia shield tablet lollipop tease

NVIDIA’s been doing a pretty nice job at keeping their Android tablet up to date with Android updates. Well, at least the initial Lollipop update which saw the SHIELD Tablet receiving Android 5.0.1 Lollipop back in December of last year. The SHIELD Portable (the handheld version) owners haven’t exactly been so lucky, with the device stuck on Android 4.4 KitKat this entire time. “The horror,” we know. Despite complaints, it seems they may have been better off.

Reports of numerous bugs and software issues plaguing the SHIELD Tablet are being attributed to buggy Lollipop code, where word eventually traveled upstream to NVIDIA. Taking to their community forum, an NVIDIA rep brought SHIELD Tablet owners up to speed with what they’ve been working on.

It appears Android 5.1 is now officially coming down the pipeline for both the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and NVIDIA SHIELD Portable, and it looks to fix many of the issues with the software. Great, right?

But don’t go mashing the update button just yet. NVIDIA mentions the update is still a few weeks out. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

Thanks, Teets!

[NVIDIA Community Forums 1, 2]

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  1. I’m not a gamer but kudos to ndivia for keeping it real!

    1. I bought one because it was the best stock Android tablet on the market at the time. I’ve never played a game on it. The stylus is nice for various art programs though and it works great as just a regular tablet to run apps on. I guess it’s nice to have the option to play games though. They’ve been pretty good about support as well.

      1. Glad to hear that on the support, good to know. The galaxy tab2 7 I had and the 3 were late on updates and I hated the tablets. lol This does look like a really cool tablet.

  2. Thanks Chris, please do keep us posted. Have to reroot, but unlock stays

  3. Maybe this will FINALLY fix T-Mobile reception issues and touch-screen problems.

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