Best Buy is taking $100 off the Moto 360 when you buy it with any Android smartphone


moto 360 smartphone sale

There aren’t likely to be many people in the market for both a new smartphone and a Moto 360, but if you are then Best Buy has the sale you’ll want to take advantage of. The company is taking $100 off the combination of said purchases, so long as they’re on the same receipt.

The sale lasts until April 18th, otherwise there aren’t many other gotchas to be had — it’s in-store only, and applicable whether you’re buying a smartphone on contract or for full price. Be sure to call into your local Best Buy stores to make sure they have the exact phone and Moto 360 you want in stock before heading out.

[via Best Buy]

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  1. I know it’s on sale for 179$ already, so would this make it 79$? Cause if so, this plus an S6 plus a free wireless charger would be an insane deal.

    1. Yes, it will! And if you have a .edu account, you can get an extra $25 off on top of this, and if you can find the 10% off USPS movers coupon, that’s an extra 10% off.

      Yeah, it is an awesome deal.


        Seriously, though, I’d tell you to buzz off if you came into the store I work at and tried to pull the multiple discount thing.

        I don’t know if it flies at Bestbuy but it sure as hell wouldn’t at the retailer I work for. And no, it’s not because they’re greedy or don’t want to give their customers what they want. It’s because they don’t want to lose money giving in to ridiculousness like multiple discounts on top of each other.

        The official policies will often state that a discount or special offer CANNOT be combined with any other promotion, coupon or discount and that’s fair. No point in allowing it when you’ll be losing money and just encouraging crazy, over-entitled people to try and walk all over you to try and get you to practically give products away just because they feel like throwing their weight around.

    2. Too bad it’s only on sale in ‘Murrica. It costs almost twice as much at Canadian Bestbuys ( $329). The damn exchange rate makes buying it in or from the US pointless too if you live and work anywhere but there.

    3. Free wireless charger? Is that an ongoing deal?

      Edit: I just tried adding the S6 to my Best Buy cart and sure enough a free Wireless Charger comes with it.

    4. Looks like they changed the sale. Now the Moto 360 is back to its $250 price :/

  2. It’s important to note that this works with almost *ANY* android phone. Just did it myself with the $40 ZTE Zinger Tmobile prepaid (pricematched to $20 at walmart).

    1. I found the compatibility troll.

      1. I really don’t know what you meant by that. Here’s the article I pulled the information from:

        If you thought I was making a fragmentation/bluetooth version comment, you were incorrect. I meant that the deal work with almost any phone you can purchase in the store, on or off contract.

        1. I thought that you were trolling by mentioning some ridiculously cheap and unknown phone and trying to make people think that you thought that it’d be compatible with the 360. Anyone who knows tech would suspect a device like that might not work with it. As far as I know you need KitKat 4.3 or higher for the Moto 360 to be compatible with it.

          1. Reading comprehension. Learn it.

          2. Self-righteousness – get rid of it.

          3. Gotcha. Sorry for the misunderstanding/miscommunication. Oddly enough the phone I mentioned has kitkat and would probably work with the watch. I was just trying to help people get the best deal.

          4. That’s quite surprising, it having KitKat. My apologies for jumping to conclusions about what you meant.

  3. Since I already bought a new M7 at BB a few months back, I guess I’ll just wait until the new 360 comes out and they close out the old one for $99.

  4. Moto 360 is on sale at the play store for $160.0 with free shipping.

    1. do you think they would price match?

      1. I work at bestbuy and of course!

  5. The 24mm Monolink Metal Band from Motorola band is, in my humble opinion, the best one to go with the simple yet classy design of the Moto 360, don’t you guys agree? Problem is Motorola dosent sell it separately. Why, Motorola?! Can Android Police somehow make some pressure on Motorola so they start selling them separately?

    View —


  6. Guess theyre not selling well, huh ? Personally im getting a Sony Smartwatch 3 for my birthday so i dont care. lol

  7. Is this deal limited to in store only? I don’t see how to do it online…
    Edit: yes, it is in-store only for some reason

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