Samsung Galaxy S6 sales have doubled the Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile


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The Samsung Galaxy S6 may not launch until tomorrow (April 10th), but apparently pre-orders are already doing very well. T-Mobile has sent out a press release about their Spring lineup of phones. Included in that press release was a nugget of interesting information about the Galaxy S6.

T-Mobile says sales of the new Galaxy S6 series in the first 10 days of pre-ordering have been nearly double those of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 was previously the most popular Galaxy device ever at T-Mobile. That’s pretty insane. If T-Mobile is seeing this huge demand you can bet other carriers are as well. One might think this spells doom for HTC, but T-Mobile says HTC One M9 sales have also been higher than the HTC One M8.

It’s no surprise the Galaxy S6 is outselling the Galaxy S5. People were very underwhelmed with Samsung’s offering last year, which is what spurred the complete redesign this year. Likewise, people have been underwhelmed by the One M9, but it still seems to be selling well enough. Which device are you buying?

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Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. S6 Edge for me, M9 for my wife

    1. Y would u short change ur wife like that?

      1. I agree. I got my wife the S6 and I’m “stuck” with the Nexus 5

        1. Youre a better man than me… I actually got myself a Nexus 6, but I’ll help my girlfriend get an S6

          1. Got my 1st up-close look at the Nexus6 @ T-Mo when picking up a NanoSim for the M9.
            Nice phone,would definitely choose it vs the S6/EDGE,both on display for comparison.

      2. Maybe his wife like to store stuff on her device and don’t want to rely on the cloud and data connection that can go down

        1. Thats so 2012… 32GBs internal will be plenty for most chicks. Then if she doesn’t know how, he can walk his wife into backing up photos/vids with cloud services. I’m sorry but theres never been a time where I just urgently had to obtain a photo and didn’t have a data connection available somewhere.

          1. I just said don’t want to rely on a service that could go down, and that’s you, you or not her, therefor you can’t say she is being short.changed..btw, you forgetting 32gig variant is actually 22 or 23 gig for use, and I think OEMs should clarify these things

          2. Yeah, because “chicks” don’t do anything useful with their phones right? My SD card is filled with all kind of medias, (music, movies, emulated games) plus a daily backup of my apps and data. I don’t need to wait for any of it to download when I want to access it, I don’t risk going over my data cap, and it actually saved my ass when my previous phone died on me since I could restore my backed-up data to my new phone from the card. (My weekly cloud upload had failed for some reason that week so my online backup was almost 2 weeks out of sync.)

          3. What dat mouf do?

          4. Can’t exactly blame the guy for jumping to that conclusion, in a way. Many women (though not the majority, I like to believe) are completely indifferent about using their phones in that manner. If it can text, take good pictures, use Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram many of them don’t care about anything else. iPhones are popular among the technologically clueless crowd for a reason – it’s simple.

          5. What the right dog to own these days?

            I need one that’s not so 2012 and based on your experience and needs.


          6. Never been without access to the cloud? Wow. you should get out more. Unless you are in a city and don’t go inside, your connection is spotty. Period. Can’t drive between Wilmington and Philly on I95 without music stuttering. Or Baltimore and DC. So, no. The cloud is not good enough. True in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015…

          7. You should know what happens when you assume sir. I have AT&T and 30GB data plan all to myself… I don’t rely on WiFi hardly ever or “going over my data” and service has been generally OK… I’ve taken my various devices with me on vacations all over the US and have not had an issue. Though I’m never really trying to access some ridiculously large file in the cloud anyway. I get that the cloud isn’t a suitable solution for everyone but for those who just like to ensure pics and vids are backed up… it works great.

          8. 30 gigs of data. That’s just ridiculous, excessive and unnecessary. Wifi exists for many reasons and is far less expensive than any mobile data unless you’re in Finland or Northern Europe where truly unlimited data costs almost nothing compared to North America.

            It’s insanity to use that much data. You’re just straining the network along with anyone else who uses that much data and causing the networks to up their prices to make up for a minority who puts too much strain on the network.

          9. Who said I actually use 30GBs of data? I just have that amount alloted to me… I’m not putting strain on anything, I’m getting what I paid for, nothing more, nothing less. Only got it because I get a deep discount on top of the double your data promotion they had some months back.

      3. Boom Sound. She got hooked with the M7 and now has the M8. (We’re on the original Jump plan; new phone every 6 months.) Those speakers are the only spec she’s concerned with. And I can’t fault her for it. They surprise me every time.

  2. Now Samsung, what have learned from listening to the customers?

    1. They’ve learned they don’t have to.
      Everyone I know who has or wanted an s5, felt that way because of the waterproofing and the camera. The replaceable battery is also prized by most.

      The people buying S6es are a completely different market segment that than Samsung has ever catered to before – the people who complained about the s5 (and all previous Samsung phones) were not the people who were buying Samsung products. They have alienated the vast majority of their loyal customers.

      1. You are overstating things quite a bit. The “vast majority” of customers do not buy phones because they have removable batteries and/or SD cards. The hard-core users fall into that category. The average consumer didn’t really care how the GS5 looked last year either. The hard-core users are the ones who complained about it. The average customer only cares about “getting the newest galaxy” or the fact that this Galaxy is #6 which is 1 number higher than last year’s model. They care about how many megapixel the camera is… Even though the F 1.9 aperture is the more important aspect of the new camera. It’s funny how hardcore users come on here thinking that they represent the average consumer when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Suddenly all of Phandroid’s commenters are marketing experts!

    2. They learned that they still can knock one out of the park!

  3. I choose D none of the above. I will switch to a different OEM depending on the Note 5.

    1. A lot of the Samsung loyalists are frustrated. Bad support for the Note 4 + no SD slot or removable battery means newer OEMs can take advantage.

  4. Nexus 6 FTW!!

    1. Why ?

  5. M9 DE,bloat free,just say no to CleanMaster-Cheetah Mobile.

    1. You got the dev edition for the same price as MSRP? Nice. If you want a solid phone despite the lack of extra luxuries, can’t go wrong.

      1. YEPPERS,one size fits all on HTC’s US Site.

        EDIT:VZW is actually cheaper,$600 on their site,HTC Site:$649.

        Sprint/T-Mo:Same on either carrier or HTC Site

        AT&T:$649 via HTC,$700 via AT&T’s site,way to go big blue…..

        1. VZW is cheaper, but their phone is more limited. Sprint tanks in value the quickest. Lol at AT&T. Who is your carrier? I might pick one up in the next few weeks now that I heard the M9+ won’t come to the US apparently. Opinions on the processor, camera, display, and software?

          1. T-Mobile.

            DevEdition works flawalesly on their 4G LTE,no WI-FI calling though.

            Perhaps w/a stock SENSE ROM,hafta take a look @XDA for that.

            Software: Functional/intuitave,works well.Can’t go wrong w/SENSE.

            Procesor:Quick & smooth,battery life is better than what the short-term tests the bloggers have posted.

            Display:Equally nice,not seeing the reduced viewing angles some have reported,ditto w/color/sharpness,very nice.

            I’ve had 3 QHD devices,still have the NOTE4,not missing the QHD,1080p is plenty.

            Camera:I’m the wrong person to ask.You’d be better served checking the M9 Forum thread on that:


          2. You have an alternative for WiFi calling at least off the Play Store? Thanks for sharing. There’s a new update out for the camera, so I’ll keep an eye out for that. You like the M9 better than the Note 4 too?

          3. I wouldn’t say better, both are kick-ass phones.
            I have a Jump as of today,considering going from the Note4 to the Note Edge or Nexus 6.

          4. Better save it for the Note 5 or newest Nexus 2015 imo.

  6. Thats nice. My girl will also be picking up an S6

  7. Galaxy S6 for me!

  8. Honestly Samsung almost had me until they decided no more expandable storage, and I don’t wanna hear crap about no cloud, because what if your internet is weak or the cloud goes down for whatever reason.. also you have to pay $100 more just for the 64 gig varient when you can find a 32gig sd card for under $20… Samsung is officially like Apple, raping the game

    1. I could have lived without the removable battery, I could have lived with the glass backing, but the lack of SD card was the deal breaker for me.

      1. Take a look at the new LG phone coming out, I’m thinking it might have a similar camera. The S6 camera is pretty advanced, optical image stabilization(new) , phase-detect AF (S5 has this also) along with improved af performance, faster aperture at f/1.9 and real-time hdr. Hopefully the LG will have micro sd and be what we wanted in the Samsung.

        1. A metal back is bad for the radio however so you need an area with either glass or plastic to let the waves through. (Or you turn the metal sides into an antenna and you can no longer hold the phone the “wrong” way.) Honestly, if going with “premium” material means you have to hide your phone in an ugly and bulky plastic or rubber case, what’s the point?

      2. The glass back is just asking for a broken back. Why make it glass? Honestly, if you’re going to make the phone out of “premium materials” like metal (read: cave to the iPhonies and whiners who insist metal is better) make the back metal too or just stick with polycarbonate that feels like metal.

        1. A metal back is bad for the radio however so you need an area with either glass or plastic to let the waves through. (Or you turn the metal sides into an antenna and you can no longer hold the phone the “wrong” way.) Honestly, if going with “premium” material means you have to hide your phone in an ugly and bulky plastic or rubber case, what’s the point? The backing that felt the best for me so far was either the textured back on the Galaxy S2 or some Blackberry’s leather backing.

      3. Yeah, that loss of Micro SD stung pretty bad.

    2. I thought a non removable device was horrible. I’ve gotten used to it (owned an HTC One X & Nexus 5) Google drive becomes your best friend. Each Gmail account gives u 15 gigs.

      1. I live in the country and go to country areas, the cloud doesn’t always work well because signal doesn’t either

    3. boohoo no matter what Samsung does there will always be people unhappy.I say get over it and move on.I have a 64 gb nexus 6 loaded and i still have over 20 gb free

      1. Boy you is a freaking idiot, my biggest complaint iS how they try to charge out the butt for a phone and rape you for just 32 more gigs, mentioned a 64gig option and how much more you have too pay, but I bet 1 thing your 64gig nexus 6 was cheaper than that of a s6 variant also there is less bloat on nexus devices giving you more storage off the bat, so try understanding what’s being said before opening your idiotic mouth

    4. Samsung thinks if they release the phones with higher pricing that competitors, that consumers will think “it must be better”. Its a decent strategy. But consumers lose.

      1. It’s decent when the average consumer is oblivious and foolish enough to fall for it.

    5. But you cannot think about the what can go wrong will go wrong mentality. My 16 GB iPhone 5C is sufficient enough, but 32 GB is enough on my Note 4 too.

      1. its not a matter of your mentality, it’s just fact, I personally my issues with the cloud and my data connection, also noooo way 16gig variant that’s non expandable is enough for me, and while 32gig, well I won’t even call it that imma call it 23 gig variant would last about 10mnts if I was starting out, it wouldn’t last that long now because imma put all my music on there and take some pics and vids and not to mention my apps, imma be almost out of space 3 mnths, I personally need to expand my storage, that’s why I said Samsung lost me, I never said they lost everybody else

        1. You said “imma” and saying that even once could kinda make it difficult to take your arguments seriously. You’re absolutely right about everything, though.

          1. I mean I don’t write articles, so a lot of time I comment like I text friends, I don’t try to use proper English in these but there is no denying I make some what valid points, now if I was writing articles then yeah, of course I would take this more serious

      2. You went iPhone 5C. Never go iPhone 5C.

    6. Check out the rumors on the S6 Active. Rumored removable battery, h20 proof, Micro SD card.

      And also, a rumor of another S6 with dual sim slots. So, they could somehow fit in a dual sim, but not a MicroSD?

      1. Already read them and thought to myself Samsung on that BS but im not even mad because I only considered them finally was because of that camera but after reading about LG supposedly amazing camera coming with the G4 and I know they gonna have expandable storage, I may go with them if HTC can’t come out with more firmware updates to patch up that camera they got… I really hate HTC for screwing up in the cam dept this year

        1. Agreed. S6 is on the list, M9 is too but further down, G4 I need to hear more about and find release dates before an S6 or M9 is in my future. I need a new phone last month so I can only wait so long. But the G4 has a brighter future for me than the M9. I, sadly, read that the Active may only be a ATT phone.

          And I am one who heavily values MicroSD… H20 proof is actually more valuable to me than removable battery, but a removable battery is nice.

          1. Don’t really care about the removable batt, I got a charger at home and in my car and a spare one when I’m at the library at school so no issues for power, H2O proof, sounds good but never owned a phobe that was, but SD card, is a must, I loves my 64gig one x+ but when I got the M7 I had a 32gig variant and was missing the sd card, now I got the M8 I can’t afford to not have one again unless I got a 64gig variant phone, but no phone is worth what they ask for only 32 more gigs

          2. I’m basically the same. Can live without removable battery but SD slot would be very hard.. So if I get a S6 to fart around with (will never become my daily) it has to be the 128gb model.. Period.. But still would prefer the SD slot

          3. yea samsung does have the 128 gig variant but that price tho, when you can find a 128 gig sd card for way cheaper…. its all about price really, when you go from 32 to 64 to 128 you dont get extra hardware or software, you get the same size cheap with more memory and that not worth the price they ask for when sd chips cost cheaper

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        2. $30 AUD for samsung 64gb micro sd ebay in my S5 Mini

          I wouldn’t go LG though. No rom developers. Kind of like the S5 mini

          1. I’m no rooter. I’m more of a skin kinda guy as well so as long as LG support there device and update it in a timely manor I’m good

          2. manufacturers hate supporting devices & updating them, rarely timely either. Samsung s5 & other brand, forgot which, users are complaining about the lollipop update overheating lol

            On SD Cards, whole beauty is to root the device then use apps like Titanium backup to backup everything!

          3. I agree I just never took the time to learn to root, but I do know the benefits, for one creating more space by deleting bloat

          4. Yeah removing system apps, killing battery draining apps reliably with greenify, titanium backup to fully backup apps / restore including call logs / sms. and installing roms of course. what phone do you have?

          5. right now I have the M8 with att, btw ever since my lollipop update, I feel my phone running hot from nothing

    7. Those complaining about no expandable storage. This is due to DDR4 RAM.
      Thats the only reason they decided to take that option. Way faster data write/read and performance and battery. Samsung didn’t want to compromise the performance.

      1. Uuuuum. Yeaaaaa, suuuuure, you keep believing that buddy

  9. With the S6 and M9 up over both predecessors it sounds like the story is that things are up at T-Mobile.

    It also sounds like the hate predictions for both models may not be true after all.

    I find it all pretty interesting!

  10. T-Mobile should make another press release about their promt release of lollipop on the note 4. Oh wait….

    1. How about the 5.0x for the S4!

  11. I’m not surprised. As the proud owner of the 128GB S6 edge on AT&T I can say it’s just an amazing device. My wife has the 64 GB S6 and she loves it.

    1. It is and that would be the only one I would get if I do (128gb) looks great.. Feels great.. Amazing camera.. Fast.. TW is actually bearable. I suppose I can manage without SD on 128gb model but alas, it is Exynos and development for it will be lacking to say the least.. This is very unfortunate and why it could never be my long term daily..

      1. can confirm, exynos leaves development lacking

        1. The Note 2 had a lot of development. All US variants had Exynos.

  12. Any details on S6 mini yet?

  13. What? It is one of the tackiest looking phones out there and with no SD storage I really don’t understand its popularity to be honest.

  14. I’ve been watching people rant all over the net about the absence of SD storage, and not one single time have I seen anyone give the option of using a 3 dollar USB OTG cable.
    It’s not THAT cumbersome to carry a flasdrive in your pocket. It’s a small, light object… Yess it’s an extra thing you have to carry, but it IS an option. A very good one.

    1. I don’t think you get why we want SD storage. The point of SD storage isn’t to take a minute to access some external data like music or whatever; it’s moving large apps to the storage drive and/or allowing apps to save to the storage drive — things that I can’t use an external dongle for without super-gluing it to my phone.

      Your suggestion doesn’t solve any problem that people who want SD storage are complaining about, and you should feel bad about suggesting it.

  15. For the past few years what differentiated Samsung or any android phones from Apple’s mighty iphone ? Larger screen, expandable Micro SD storage and pop-in easy changeable/replaceable battery. With Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, two options are gone and iphone has larger screen so what’s point of NOW buying Galaxy ASS6 ? Simple, go straight to iphone 6 or 6 Plus. AND the price is no cheaper for Galaxy either. I rather consider Nexus 6 so at least I get timely software updates straight from Goolge than rarely or never able to receive from LG or Sony or Samsung.

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