Here are the new themes making their way to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge [VIDEO]


Themes seem to be the new software feature smartphone makers are (finally) including in their custom Android UIs. We love themes. The ability to completely change up the look of your device on the fly is just one of things that make Android great (and sets it apart from iOS).

Samsung Galaxy S6 new themes

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 initially became available to reviewers, it featured a modest amount of themes for the user to apply to their device, about 12 total. But Samsung promised more would be on the way and as it turns out, the boys at SamMobile have stumbled upon a few new ones already making their way to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The themes, which will be available in time for the devices’ official April 10th launch, showcase a variety of styles and color palettes.

While most fall a little more on the girly side (there’s literally a section for girl tailored themes), our favorite would have to be the blacked out them with wire frame icons. Aside from looking slick, the dark colored background and see through icons will further help minimize battery drain caused from brighter themes. We could definitely see ourselves switching to this theme before heading out for a night on the town.

Samsung is preparing to publish an SDK later this month that should get designers up and running with themes on the Galaxy S6. At that point, expect to find a smorgasbord of free and paid themes — hopefully more that are a bit more masculine/unisex.

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  1. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about a theme or even the concept. Thank God they created and promised more themes though. As opposed to say, better/more native Edge functionality or the ability to remove bloatware that is now apparently reported as only having the ability to turn off but not remove. Or easy ability to unlock the bootloaders and/or root. But hey, joy, we have little kids themes on an $800 phone :/

  2. Hi. My name is J Cav the Great,

    And I am a dark theme addict…

    1. Especially on an amoled display.

    2. Hi J Cav the Great, I too am a dark theme junkie. I have these urges for them I can’t control (well over a couple of years now), I need them, I crave them if you will. I can’t stop, I know I’ve got a problem, people have insisted I stop, that I put down the dark themes. I’ve got news for them though, I’ve got a dark theme in my front pocket….and my back pocket :( The struggle is real!

  3. Official theme support is a great feature since it exemplifies one of Androids strongest benefits: customizability. However it will always bug me when only some of the app icons are converted eventhough I know developers cant create icons for all million+ apps.

  4. Something like this needs to be built into stock Android. Google then needs to force OEM’s to use their theme engine so we can easily change everything back to stock if you want to. It would also help get rid of some of the ugly colors that came with the Lollipop update!

  5. Stock themes please

  6. Sooo.. where is that stock Android lollipop skin? :P

  7. Maybe this can help increase the normal, not childish, theme options out there. Seriously, are Hello Kitty fans the only ones that would like themes?

  8. Those themes look terrible to me. All I would want is a stock Android looking theme with some OLED minded tweaks such as black background for texting.

    1. My Alpha 850M has really cool black menus with white text…

      Black Themes with a little color will be great for S6.

  9. What would be really awesome would be if they would let you pick and choose which elements of the Theme you wanted, a la CM12…

  10. The themes are a nice touch however, there should be way more. Most are really feminine. I hope this get’s a lot of support.

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